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    HI, Welcome to the NEW Home Page of GoDuBois. I'm in the process of moving everything over to the forum to become one site with a brand new calendar and more NEW announcements coming soon.
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    • Thirty children, ages five to fourteen, are in rehearsal for performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; August 10th, 11th, and 12th at 6:30 p.m., at the Reitz Theater, 36 East Scribner Avenue, Dubois. Three other young people, Autumn Black, Dave Nagele IV, and Jacquelyn Spicher, are among the directors of the five short plays featured in this summer's show.  Also directing are Nikki Cherry, Andi Kohlepp, Ashley Simpson-Neiger, and Bobbie Reitz .........
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    • Who should decide whether a terminally ill child should undergo experimental treatment?

      Please VOTE!
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    • I decided t close the debate / political forum for at least 1 week or maybe longer.

      Please do not post any debate or political topics  in the main forum or they will be deleted.

      Thank you

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    • Phone Scam Residents in the area have been receiving calls from people who are offering benefit programs for senior citizens. The callers are asking personal questions and using the Penn Highlands Healthcare name. Penn Highlands Healthcare is also showing in the caller ID information on people’s phones, but the calls are not from us. This is a scam, and it has beenreported to the police. Please be aware of this issue. You may be asked about it by patients, visitors or friends. Feel free to share that we are not offering any type of benefit packages for senior citizens
      or any other group. Through technology, the callers are able
      to steal the use of our name, but the calls are not coming
      from the hospital. Anyone receiving this type of call should
      be advised to not share information. They should hang up the
      phone and alert the police.
      It has also been noted in the local police reports that this is
      happening. Some people may be more reluctant to answer
      phone calls now that show the Penn Highlands name on
      phone ID. Please be understanding during this time.
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    • Saw this posted in the classifieds:
      He is a neutered male. Last seen on the 16th in Dubois at Wal-Mart. He is all black and has a purple and silver reflective collar with blue polka dots. We are offering a reward for his return. If you have any information at all Please contact me. Every little detail is crucial to bringing him home. Thank everyone so much in advance. Just please help me bring our baby boy home.
      City or Town: Dubois Phone #: 7249549068 Breed: Domestic Age: 10 1/2 months Sex: Male
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