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  1. Church picnic was today. I am still full from eating at 11:30. Lots of good food was there!!
  2. Last night we had beef kielbasa, & fresh eggs from different chickens. Today we are having pizza from the Penfield Mall (Minit Mart). Pizza with 3 toppings for $6. Hubby got fungus, black olives, & bacon. I got bacon, pepperoni, & ham.
  3. What a dumb ass!!! If you would wear pants that weren't 3 sizes to big, you wouldn't lose your pants!! I saw a guy at the Commons yesterday walking along holding his junk because his pants were to big. Please buy pants that fit you, or if you must, but 1 size bigger.
  4. We have never had Frank's Pizza. We were going to try it the one day, & they were paving Long Ave.
  5. Where is this house in DuBois??
  6. Craig was 2 yrs ahead of me in school. Plus all his brothers have their own businesses.
  7. I would call Catalone Pipe & Supply in Penfield. 637-5851
  8. Sanibel just might be right!! We lost 2 or 3 holly bushes, our rhodies looked terrible till hubby trimmed the hell out of them (beautiful this spring), & the same with our lilacs. Very few flowers this spring because he only wanted to do 1 kind of bushes a year. I would say trim off the bad branches a little at a time. This is besides feeding it. If you decide to put wood chips or pine needles under the bush, do not put them right up against the bark. Don't put any mulch up against your shrubs or tree's ever!! That's inviting bugs & fungus problems. I hope that helped you some, if not, keep asking questions. We will get to the root of the problem!! LOL
  9. When you moved the bush, did you move it where it doesn't get as much sunlight?? Did you move it from rich soil to clayish type soil? Or vice versa.
  10. Steelnut, I always tried to start my sunflowers inside. I love all the different kinds & colors of sunflowers. If you give up this year, just remember to start them inside next year. Plus find a very good mouser cat to scare away the rabbits, chippies, birds, squirrels, & mice!!
  11. You could try using long pine needles around the base of the bush as a mulch. The needles have everything that acid loving plants wants, just add water. Although this year you can pay off the watering somewhat.
  12. – Dana R. Pryor, 25, of Williamsport, Lycoming County, was charged for selling $106.96 in SNAP benefits on her Electronic Benefit Transfer Access (EBT) card in exchange for cash to purchase $30.00 worth of heroin. If convicted, the maximum penalty she faces is five years in prison and a fine of $10,000.00, plus a mandatory disqualification period from the benefits program shedefrauded.
  13. Aldi's pizza. Plain cheese for me, fungus for hubby.
  14. I don't think I ate last night, I honestly don't remember.