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  1. Interesting storm earlier.

    We finally got our phone service back this morning.
  2. Good Books

    My favorite kind ... true crime!!!
  3. Little Miss Pampered Priss!!!! I LOVE that!! Chi Chi goes to church with me & wears a different dress every week. She has about 8-10 of them. Pink jackets & coats, collars, leash, & blankets!!! Sienna wears the fur jacket she was born with, she is always hot!! But she looks beautiful sitting or laying in the pew.
  4. Look a like contest

    Scotty Allegretto, originally from the Valley, does a fine Elvis!!! He sounds, moves, looks, & acts just like him!! He is really good. He has been at the local fairs, on TV, bars, etc.
  5. Good Books

    I can't read like I used to. It was nothing for me to read a book in a day. I did finish a 2 part book 2weeks ago, but can't remember the title. I bought 7 books on the Civil War at a yard sale during the 100 mile yard sale. At .50¢ each, I couldn't pass them up, plus I have the rest of my life to read them, & the other 100's of books sitting on my shelves.
  6. I was thinking the same thing about community service, and my brain shut off. I just could not get past the laughing. I just wonder, if that was one of their friends, what they would've done? Being 5, 4, & 2, we didn't understand what was going on. I do remember there was no laughter coming from anyone who was at Alvin R Bush Dam that day.
  7. As a child, my brother & I watched our father drown trying to save our youngest brother. A guy in another boat picked up our brother, he fell asleep & fell out of our boat, he had a life jacket on. Our dad jumped in to get him, he didn't have a life jacket on. My brother threw one to him & he tried to get it but missed. Another boater grabbed our boat & took us to shore. That is the last time we saw our Dad, & the last image of him trying to grab the life jacket. These teens that laughed at this poor helpless man will be sorry one day. They will have to live with what they did & didn't do to this man & his family. Each will have to learn that forgiveness starts within
  8. Kitchen Cabinets

    Have you built anything since I last saw you? Hint...grandson #1 was born & #2 was getting ready.
  9. Kitchen Cabinets

    He is working from his house again, he built a garage/workshop.
  10. Zuka, my hubby loved when Jason had his truck idling most of the night. That put him to sleep, & he slept all night long. In the winter, when you are getting ready to go to work, park your truck across from us, we won't complain.
  11. So, Dunkins is coming...

  12. So, Dunkins is coming...

    thats what my hubby said
  13. So, Dunkins is coming...

    Wasn't Dunkin Donuts on the Boulevard in the mid to late 80's?
  14. Interesting storm earlier.

    We have no phone, that is all. I unplugged the box that controls all the computer & phone stuff, plugged it back in and still no phone, but do have computer. Having no phone doesn't bother us at all
  15. Interesting storm earlier.

    Thundered in the Valley around 5-6, but that was all, maybe a few sprinkles.