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  1. My husband built my cabinets but has never finished the doors. Ugh! However, we did go to Lowes and get the Corian countertops. It was a process that took about a month, during which time we put plywood and plastic on the tops, but boy have they been fantastic. I can chop lightly on them and they heal themselves if you get a scratch. That was a selling point that I don't think they even knew. No one can tell that they aren't stone. We've had them for years now.
  2. Anything in excess can destroy your mind or health. Balance is hard to develop, and a crutch is easy to learn to use.
  3. You may want to try a Penn State Soil Test kit to see if the problem might be there. They're $9 at either DuBois Feeds or Agway. That said, we're on the edge or zones 4-5-6 here in this area. Depending on the micro-climate of your property, it may be too cold for some trees to survive for more than a few years, or you may have a very humid area with little air flow which will foster disease. Either one will eventually kill off even a formerly producing tree by weakening their immune system. If you have a sample then you can drop it off at the Extension office nearest you. You can also send pictures. It's all free.
  4. Feral cats are excellent mousers, that's how they survive. I always had indoor/outdoor cats and they led good lives having the best of both worlds. Now with allergies, ours live outdoors all of the time. Give one a chance to up its lifestyle by adopting it, providing it outdoor shelter, a basic diet and clean water, and love. Yes they may lead shorter lives, or not, but at least they get to have a chance and some vet care.
  5. I wish I were younger. It would probably be an interesting job.
  6. If the plants had a good root system and the leaf axials are intact then they may well come back stronger than ever.
  7. You can try dried blood. It stinks but you don't have to use a lot of it. Also, it will make your plants GROW. Use sparingly.
  8. It's right across Long Avenue from the train station.
  9. We'll take it! Where do you live?
  10. I only ever buy it by the piece which is nice because I'm not stuck with a whole pizza to deal with. I ask for mushrooms and extra cheese. They take a slice from an already baked pizza, add the toppings I ask for and stick it back in the oven.
  11. Franks is a milder basic cheesy pizza with a great yeasty thick crust. You tell them what you wan ton it, how many slices, and they top, then toast it for you.
  12. Isn't it usually grown inside of a building! To grow a crop organically with no pesticides or herbicides, for medical reasons, they would have to keep it segregated from nature.
  13. Thanks, Bon, I called them this morning. Lids are $45, weigh 75 pounds and you can just drive in there and they will load them. I purchased a couple of the concrete lanterns on sale from Walmart last fall and things like that which can tip or get knocked over, we attach the lid to the bottom of the object. It also makes it too heavy to make off with. Someone has stolen plants from the pot behind Charlie's for the last two years. Two have been Dwarf Alberta Spruces which are a little more expensive and hard to replace. They also take a huge amount of the amended soil so that has to be hauled in again also. That problem will be resolved this year too! Warning, don't dig in our soil, you might get a surprise!
  14. I think Tri County Church used to do things like this. Give them a call to see if they have people who need a hand.