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  1. Watch out for the people who had gotten used to driving through the little alley by Palumbos! While the other was closed there was no need to stop pulling out by get go, some people still aren't stopping. Saw a couple near misses there yesterday 😨
  2. Good job Steve!!
  3. Calling for more heavy rain tomorrow!
  4. Prayers for them, their family and their Fox's family <3
  5. As a CNA myself, I can't even imagine. They wouldn't have made it to be turned in I would have dropkicked their a $$es the minute it started.
  6. Thanks Lavender!!!
  7. I want to grow moss, Petee, help! What is the buttermilk mixture you're talking about?
  8. This coming Friday and Saturday
  9. I ended up using garlic pepper and butter to season the corn, then put it in foil to roast. OMG it was delicious!
  10. Thinking of roasting my corn on the cob for Monday's cookout. Tons of recipes online but, anyone have any secrets? Anything unusual that makes it really tasty?
  11. Yes second ave
  12. If you dont have a debit card, purchase a prepaid visa card for the amount you need and pay online. They also do checks by phone.