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  1. I'm actually surprised that bake sales still exist. Who knows what goes into the products and under what circumstances they are prepared? It is only a matter of time until they are discontinued and incidents like this are going to speed their demise.
  2. Mustard and Ketchup

    Anyone who has cleaned up the mess made by a glass container of ketchup, milk or jam that has smashed on a tile floor can explain the desirability of plastic. The glass also was a hazard as it went everywhere and was a continuing danger to bare feet, pets and children. if you prefer glass why not just rehouse whatever in a glass container?
  3. How is that even possible? He shot through the car with his partner in the driver's seat? Rather risky. He would have had to get out and the vehicle would still have been in the way. That would mean several steps to get in position or aiming over top of the car if he was tall enough. Time to rethink the situation, one would surmise. Something very odd here.
  4. Well now, "friends will help you move. Real friends will help you move the body" but only your family will hide you out for decades and dig you a grave in the back yard.
  5. Bug Identification

    Had a Cecropia moth hanging around for a few nights.
  6. Drugs and alcohol were ruled out so I guess that just leaves stupidity.
  7. Flower Photograph

    It is beautiful, Paul. I'm still working on exact id. From the way you have it set up I assume it will eventually be for sale?
  8. It is time to put a stop to Medicaid and Medicare fraud. I know of several cases where Medicare was billed for services not rendered. One was a man who was treated out of state and the date on the services was while he was in transit back to PA. His daughter tried to report it and nobody cared. You can't run a business that way and you shouldn't run a government that way.
  9. I will continue, I think, to get my chocolate high by putting it in my mouth rather than up my nose. Some things need to be savored rather than snorted.
  10. Gardens

    If the sprays aren't working the next step is a physical barrier. We have a plastic netting that we throw over things. It came from Lowes. Chicken wire works as well. Most animals aren't smart enough to get around the flimsiest barriers.
  11. Scathing Obituary Goes Viral

    There you have said it! The opposite of love isn't hate it is indifference. As long as you actually care it is you who is being hurt.
  12. Attended one of their teas last year and got to wander through the house they maintain across the street. They do a great job.
  13. All the Peonies Bloomed

    Thanks, could be. It wasn't fully opened and I can't remember if the single flower got darker or lighter. It is a baby and maybe it will get more flowers next year. I'll try to remember to get a picture of the mature flower.
  14. Scathing Obituary Goes Viral

    The dead are dead and nothing that is written about them can hurt them. That only hurt the living and caused more dissension in the family. No matter how much each relative denies having written it there will still be suspicion. Was it worth it? Probably not. Talk to a therapist with your problems don't air them in an obituary.
  15. All the Peonies Bloomed

    If anyone recognizes that peach colored one let me know. It came without a name.