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  1. They'll never replace the flashlight!
  2. Steelnut, put in new trees! We are ancient and just put in a bunch. Get the semi-dwart. Hanzley's says they will be producing in a few years. If you aren't there to pick the deer and your neighbors will love you. You are never too old to plant a tree. Some things hate my yard too. Mostly it is poor drainage. We live with it.
  3. If they grew it outside and let it go to seed I'm sure the results would be interesting. The one they were proposing for DuBois was right down the road from us. Guess we aren't going to see that one.
  4. Building on Sanibel's idea there are all sorts of azaleas. Some are evergreen and some are deciduous. These varieties are native to different climates and have different degrees of cold tolerance and heat tolerance. Then there are the hybrids so it is difficult to know how hardy an azalea actually is unless you bought it with a tag. It is entirely possible that you hit close to the tolerance range of your azalea. Bon's suggestions are good ones and hopefully it will pull through. All of my azaleas have survived the past winters except one miniature one. I recently picked up one on sale at Loew's but should have known better. It looked as though the frost had hit it. When I started to plant it I looked at the tag and it is only hardy to zone 6. I'm not expecting it to survive for many years. Maybe I'll get lucky and the roots will make it through.
  5. Lettuce is huge this year. We are getting "volunteers" that start very early and are much bigger than the planted rows. No bolting yet. The spinach has bolted though. Kale is doing nicely. The red Russian variety stays tender all summer and can be used in salads.
  6. That's 'cause you are asleep. There is a spider activities monitoring squad out there that slips into random bedrooms and counts spider swallowing. They are the same people who did the autism/vaccine study. As an aside I know someone who monitors research professionally who read the autism/vaccine study. I was told that it would not have passed muster as valid research using any reasonable standards. Just idle chit-chat between relatives so I fairly sure there was no conspiracy nor was it part of a cover-up before someone insists that I was being conned by the powers that be for some unknown reason.
  7. A million years ago when I was in college a roommate did this as a summer job. They were selling overpriced educational materials. They recruited the kids and gave them a minimal stipend and they were supposed to repay it out of their commissions. I think that she made one sale all summer. I'd have some serious questions with this. Why bring someone from Utah to sell stuff or proselytize in DuBois? We have our own homegrown Mormons and only the males seem to do the door to door thing. Did they actually say they were Mormons? Does it make them seem more legitimate being from Utah with the assumption that they are Mormons? What can someone from Utah tell you about educational opportunities in the area in which you live? I'm sure local people know more about it. What kind of credentials are they presenting? I can print you up something that looks quite official given a computer and a printer. Don't let them in and think very carefully before you sign anything. Utah may be the new Nigeria.
  8. And I would stay not interested.
  9. Pine needles are excellent but they will take some time to break down. A bucket of Miracid or something similar would be a quick fix if your soil is too alkaline or the plant needs some nitrogen. The mulch will take longer to fix the problem. . Also, if you moved the plant into soil that doesn't drain very well the roots might not be getting the air they need.
  10. Azaleas need special fertilizers formulated for acid loving plants. You could try mulching with wood chips and pruning after it blooms. Like many plants azaleas deteriorate with age. I have a yellow one that is probably 25 years old and it isn't what it once was. I keep trying to bring it back but I don't think that it is going to happen.
  11. They need to stop serving alcohol on planes. They stuff you in seats made for kindergartners, treat you like cattle and assault you if you don't comply with their demands and then they fuel it all with alcohol. No wonder people lose it. Aristotle said there was a connection between sex and death. Maybe they all thought they were going to die. She might try this on her husband right before she called her mom to see if she would give her shelter. As for the guys, did it say which fraternity they belonged to? Call off the wedding, hon, you are marrying a major problem who comes with questionable "friends."
  12. There is "care" and then there is "care." When you borrow someone's car you are obligated to take due care. You don't leave it unlocked, drive while impaired or park it where something is likely to happen to it. When you have the care of someone's child, especially when the are paying you for it, you must take exceptional care. If you can't see the moral issues involved in having charge of a small helpless life then consider the degree of harm to which negligence of doing one's job can rise. What lifeguard leaves his post to take a cigarette break? Four, count them four, people neglected to do their jobs and a child died. I'll bet that each and everyone of them is more concerned about what is going to happen to her than what happened to the child.
  13. Philosophy isn't the best paying occupation and mommy is always there. Looks as though things haven't changed very much.
  14. "Thus is Paradise to be Regained, and that old and stern decree at length reversed. Man shall no more earn his living by the sweat of his brow. All labor shall be reduced to
  15. So perhaps their parents should sit them down and tell them that they will have to support themselves in 4 years and they had better be preparing for a way to do it. Hind sight is 20/20 and few of us do this. My parents didn't and we didn't. The difference was that we knew we weren't going to be living in the parent's basement with mommy providing food when we were 30. So many young people know that they have their parents to fall back on should the lifestyle they can provide for themselves not suit them. They can always go back to the nice comfy house where mom and dad live if their unemployable selves are faced with living in the roach ridden apartment in the slums of wherever.