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  1. Maybe, maybe not. Article could be real or fake altogether. Only pointed out that some brownies have milk added. Who said she was a busy mom? Lack of time doesn't always mean busy.
  2. Don't know if article is true, but there are some add milk to brownie recipes ...
  3. Probably was out of holster while she approached the car. Would not have known she was the one who called at that time. Can only hope it wasn't meant to discharge at that moment. Unprofessional handling of his weapon of course. I'm betting he didn't mean to shoot. If he did, it was because he believed her to be a clear and present danger. I'm willing to bet it was an accidental discharge.
  4. To me it's time to step aside and allow natural selection to prevail.
  5. Spread mayo over your omelets. Delicious. It's all egg anyhow.
  6. Shop and Save Building

    And Punxsutawney.
  7. The Price Is Right

    Taxes would be about $1,500. Not bad for a $25,000 car. Pretty good deal.
  8. Texas Mom Left Tots In Hot Car To Die

    Only child endangerment? Seriously? Better up those charges at some point soon based on that article.
  9. This is a real bummer. Childhood keeps slipping away little by little. Depressing ...