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  1. I for one am getting tired of this rain this summer. I have so many weeds and grass growing everywhere I dont want it to be growing and I dont want my home remedy for killing weeds etc to wash away.
  2. great minds think alike
  3. maybe change the heart emoji for like other than that I cannot think of a thing. Great job.
  4. Teens in Fla laugh at drowning man

    thats the culture these youths are raised in. Life means nothing to them.
  5. not sure how they wrecked. Its pretty much a straight shot and the exit is 25 mph
  6. I doubt very seriously that the cops would even look at the footage for something like. Also it was tongue in cheek response about the window but I could walk by a window and smash it with a hammer I got from work especially made for breaking glass with little force just a light tap on the window. So cameras or not I could do it and none would be the wiser. I would not wait around for the owners i would take the dog to a vet immediately after leaving a note on the windshield. Dear Moron, Walking past your vehicle Glass shattered must have been from the heat Dog jumped out of window and I caught him midair Taking him to vet because you are a dumbass for leaving him/her in the car
  7. Why do you take him along to Walmart with you? heheh just kidding I knew what you meant. or Does he patrol parking lots looking for his brethren in distress?
  8. They would have to prove you broke it. If they are not there to see their dogs suffering they wont see you break the window. Like I said earlier oops the window shattered from the heat.
  9. Bear

    well he or she got the garbage. We will call it a he for now. He actually carried the whole can away. it is a bigger rubbermaid with wheels. I saw it on the log pile. He did not get into the garden. I had to check after my last post. I figured if he was still here that's where he would be and I would have to scare him out. I did take Cash the youngest of the three Rottys. If it was still around he would have let me know as I did not take a gun out. Cash has a ferocious bark and growl that would scare just bout anything and would have woken the dead. He is a sweetheart really and loves to hug and be petted by everyone once he knows they are allowed on the property. That bear was nowhere in sight.
  10. Bear

    lol yep on Sunday he is a bit early but that doesn't mean he didn't already get in the cans. I can't see them and they have before They are usually pretty clean about it. They open the bags in the middle and eat. They don't scatter it around which I thought was considerate of them. haha Darn. I hope my garden is ok.
  11. Bear

    nope no pic. I went out but did not see or hear it. I am sure it is still in the area. That bear would be more scared of me than I am of it but I was cautious nonetheless I did not venture out into the black of night I stayed on the porch.
  12. Bear

    Think I will go check again. Maybe I'll get a pic.
  13. Bear

    Saw the garage outdoor light turn on and my youngest pup barked once when he saw the light about 15 minutes ago. I looked out and had a bear out in the driveway. He or she climbed on over my log pile and moved a couple with its weight. I went out on the porch with my camera but could not get a pic. I turned on the flashlight and yelled at it to get. It moved on off the logs and into the woods a bit but I am sure it is still there. Guess I will be carrying the pistol when I let the dogs out back to do their business. I figured I would have to shoo away the skunk I smelled earlier. Now I know why it sprayed probably towards the bear. Either case they both need to move on.
  14. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    white chicken chili
  15. gives a new meaning to the phrase: I could use a stiff drink.