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  1. Telephone Scams

  2. Telephone Scams

    Be aware everyone, I received 2 calls yesterday 814-371 #'s First one no name on my I.D, second one Actually had a name that is a very well known name in the area, they're sure getting desperate and way too smart.
  3. Teens in Fla laugh at drowning man

    Throw them in jail now, because if they could watch a man drowning and laugh about it, no doubt they wouldn't think twice about killing some one.
  4. I sometimes think part of the problem is that most women are working today plus raising a Family and in earlier years that wasn't so much the norm. allowing for a lot of the volunteers to have the time to spend on projects such as these, today its hard with jobs, children and participating in their school activities. Hopefully something can be worked out. Look at St. Michaels Festival, it went away for what a year or 2 and now its back, I hope the same for Brookville Victorian Christmas.
  5. looking for a shrink

    If you're good with it thats all that matters and you know what they say "laughter is the best medicine"!
  6. looking for a shrink

    Just a question, is this really something to joke about, I'm thinking no.
  7. looking for a shrink

    Stoltz was very good, yes common sense guidance. I don't know if he is still here and practicing though
  8. Thanks Steve!

    Loving your new forum...Great Job!
  9. Papa Johns Dubois

    Oh Yes...Annie Suplizio!...seems to me it was on Thursdays that my Mom and I went for spaghetti and I was very young. Funny how some things make such an impression on you, I can see my Mother and I there!
  10. Papa Johns Dubois

    Does anyone remember Osmans' Pizza on Dixon Ave. ? It has got to be over 40 years ago and thats when Pizza shops were few and far between. It was soooo good! Family receipe I beleive.
  11. DuBois wants residents to clean up

    Go look at the house on Sherman Ave., just as you turn up from Juniata St. front and back, talk about an eyesore, its a shame.
  12. Fireworks @ Community Days 2017

    Great job!

    Kuddos to all involved with Community Days!! What started off small has gotten better and better every year, certainly gives you pride in our little town. So well put togeather, clean and everyone is so very friendly and the entertainment was fantastic! Thanks to all! Great job!
  14. Verizon Webmail

    Thank-you, guess I will have to make a phone call!
  15. Verizon Webmail

    Anyone else having problems with their Verizon webmail?