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  1. Car hoods ?? Naa ..... all you needed was a secluded back road that did not get plowed very often in the winter and would get icy .... a pair of shoes with smooth soles ... preferably "dingo boots" ( the offical footware of the 70's ) and a car with a good metal bumper to hold on to .... Looking back .. I'll admit it wasn't a very safe thing to do ... but hey it was the 70's. .... if it was fun there was no way it could be safe ....
  2. Kind of reminds me of " Bumper Skiing" on San Spur Road in the 70'S ......
  3. Aluminum cans

    Anyone know what the current price is on aluminum cans .... and where around the Dubois area to take them ?
  4. So..... How many people do you figure will sell their soul to the Nestle Quick bunny to get their chocolate "fix"
  5. Misplaced shopping carts a nuisance for DuBois

    I called the city building for three weeks straight in the beginning of April and left a half a dozen messages about First Street needing repaired or at least patched ..... finally after leaving a "shaming " message. I received a call back from the Engineer & Public Works Director ( Chris Nasuti ) who claimed that street patching was going to begin the first week of May .... It's now the first week of JUNE .... Well.... Chris ....... We're still waiting
  6. Misplaced shopping carts a nuisance for DuBois

    Dubois needs a by-pass ???? you can't be serious ..... Dubois can't even maintain the roads they have ... How would they ever keep a by-pass maintained ???.... don't believe me ... just take a ride on First Street from the church to the city line or Brady Street from the Liberty Blvd. to Shaffer Ave. or any of the other Streets that they have let become so full of potholes that they look like a minefield in a battle zone. Maybe Penndot could maintain this by-pass since they did such a bang up , laughable job on RT. 255 over by Penn State.
  7. Prayers please

    Do like I did ..... stop talking to my siblings altogether ..... a lot less drama
  8. Song Title Game

    She's Got Balls - AC/DC
  9. Song Title Game

    Take the Long Way Home - Supertramp
  10. Song Title Game

    Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel
  11. Song Title Game

    Right Place Wrong Time - Dr. John
  12. Song Title Game

    Call Me - Blondie
  13. Song Title Game

    Dream Police - Cheap Trick
  14. Song Title Game

    Sweet Painted Lady - Elton John
  15. Song Title Game

    Earache My Eye - Cheech & Chong