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  1. Apparently the city citations make no difference. My neighbor has mowed only twice this year. Their yard is full of 2-3 foot weeds that have not been cut for over a year.
  2. A point most missed is that students don't want to study in college or they are not prepared. 26% of Clarion students don't make into the second year. 50% don't graduate in SIX years. A degree is not just handed to you. One must work at it. Too many students say I don't like math or don't like sciences. These majors have no problems getting jobs. Alas, not in this area.
  3. He has a new machine.
  4. just a couple years ago they repaved that same stretch
  5. they did that not long ago
  6. U don't use water?
  7. Next they will want Confederate statues removes from all old battlefields.
  8. First street was badly damaged by all the trucks hauling dirt from country club to the other side of the lake. There should have bed bond money to fix it. They fixed the road to country club but piss on the peons on the other side.
  9. DuBois exports it's most valuable commodity.
  10. If people feel so bad that these "old" thieves, go out and buy them a car - with your money. A thief is a thief.
  11. We got one with our water bill.
  12. bootjack mountain - two radar guns in less than 3 miles.
  13. That plate is reserved for the current president of the United States.
  14. I am college college grad. All 4 of my children are also. I never belonged the fraternity. Children never belonged to frat or sorority. All they were good for was bad grades.