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  1. And the biker kept going
  2. Now it takes me to unread unless there is nothing new then to teh top of the thread
  3. Mine is back to first message every time again
  4. Is it just me or are there fewer to view now?
  5. That is it. I can never remember or spell it
  6. So with "flow" meters they have not determined which area has the highest I&I and tried to reduce or eliminate it? I have a neighbor who plowed off his clean out cap so all the surface water is running down it this summer. Guess he is to dumb to know what the pipe was sticking up out of teh ground
  7. what about the place just before Penfield?
  8. probably gets more light and soil might have been better than where it was as it was a packed soil to a loose soil
  9. Maybe Martin's will take over all that space and remodel putting the the beer sales area on the other side
  10. Is there some kind of food or something I can add to soil around one? we moved one a couple years ago and it has gotten worse looking over the years.
  11. Lease and mow and clean up the field next to Martin's for parking and they can walk across the walkway
  12. Very cool Thanks for sharing. Mic picks up real good for the distance it appears to be up
  13. One behind the dumpster at 79 Industrial drive far side of the building been waiting for someone to take it for months
  14. Leaves turning yellow on just about everything right now. Wind is whipping the bean plants around daily
  15. Last I saw it It was backed up from the 78 all the way back to the 67.6. I was heading to rimersburg and did not want to come back ou t to 80 and have to sit in it waiting to come home so I went down to new Bethlehem and up 28. was going to cut out to 36 and and back roads to duBois but by that time 80 was open again so I came bck to Brookvile