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  1. Kitchen Cabinets

    Try Peace's Kitchens on the Big Run Prescott Road. THey do kitchens
  2. Verizon Webmail

    Verizon is doing away with the email. THe tech support people helped me get it set up through AOL. I still have my old email address.
  3. Very nice work there Bon. You need to make a few and enter them in the county fairs in your area. You can win prize money.
  4. Crocheted Infinity Scarf

    I found a pattern for making fingerless mittens.
  5. homemade Febreeze

    How effective is this compared to Febreez for smoke smell?
  6. Blueberry netting

    Go to JoAnn Fabrics and by the netting there by the yard. When I worked there, I remember measuring and cutting yards of the netting for customers that were covering their shrubs and bushes to keep the deer and birds out of them.
  7. old pictures of punxsutawney area

    The North Jefferson Building used to be the old junior high when I was in school. That building is gone now.