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  1. I fired up the microwave for 2 Hotdogs with mustard and relish. A Swisher Sweet Cigarillo for Dessert.
  2. Baltimore Oriole
  3. At Night...in the Dark....
  4. Thats what I do.
  5. How long did I set on the porch for this pic? To long. Click on photo for full view.
  6. As I read this Thread I see Chipmunks as a problem. Put out sunflower seeds a bit away from your garden and then .........
  7. Yes. PM me.
  8. When I got my Tatoo way back in the 80s, After the Demise of my first marriage , The Artist told me to put underarm Deodorant on it until it Healed. He was also an RN.
  9. Homemade Vegetable Soup. I will give you 3 guesses where I got that from.
  10. Bean soup and a hunk of Bread. Tonight I am going to have Bean Soup and a hunk of bread.
  11. My Mum gave me a doggie bag from the Gateway Cafe. A half burger/fries and onion rings and some cole slaw and a Hush puppie.
  12. Easy now Folks , just a fun video.
  13. When I was a young boy, My Uncle would take me to spend the summers in Florida. I remember riding in a Bus Just like that. Cool.
  14. Steak Hoagie from Penfield Mall and the best Potato chips EVER!