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  1. Same here...I've been known to have cold pizza for breakfast.. it increases in flavor in the fridge overnight...
  2. In Texas, you know you're going to catch hell, when someone says " I don't mean to Fuss Atcha" but....
  3. how did they miss Johnsonburg? Maybe they didn't consider smell.
  4. Q: What is a spoofed number? Scammers spoof another phone number when they use that number to hide their identity or the origin of their call. A spoofed number could be one a phone company has not yet assigned, a number from an invalid or nonexistent area code, or a number from a line that does not dial out. About these ads Sometimes the call is made by an actual person, but usually it is an automated call. Robocall scams have long been a pain in regulators
  5. Q: What scams should people watch out for in the meantime?
  6. $30.00 a month ...Verizon Pre-paid No contract....unlimited talk and data.....renews monthly by direct withdrawl from checking plan and phone at Walmart..
  7. Who pays the cost of operating a huge building that is the mall? This is primary school level economics.
  8. unless the owner of the Mall wants to loose money, and run it as a labor of love, they have to charge enough rent to cover costs. I don't think they are making a fortune on it, seeing how much of it is vacant.
  9. Aldis has the answer. Pay a quarter to get a cart....return it to get your quarter back. You never see stray carts in the store area.
  10. Yes, that's a member of the cactus family.
  11. I couldn't get the link to play. It only blooms once and at night? Wow...that adds to the allure and exclusiveness. Do you have a blooming party? Can you tell exactly what night it will bloom? How long does the bloom last?
  12. Why would anyone subject themselves to these orgies?
  13. it's nature's most perfect food.
  14. Scrapple...I know what's in it, so I don't eat it.