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  1. Looking For an Art Teacher

    Mrs Fyda at Peaceable Kingdom in Dubois..
  2. Wow a wake up and a woodie lol
  3. Aluminum cans

    Seen in the horse trader that Greco at Corcia is paying .52
  4. 100 mile yard sale

    The reynoldsville community wide yard sale for 2017.then head north
  5. Kitchen Cabinets

    cabinet shop in fallscreek in I believe the old fire hall and also Dave Steele does an excellent job.
  6. Diesel Fuels

  7. Then you attached these to the pocket watch to make it easier to get it out of the pocket.Thus the watch fob.I collect these..
  8. What is this?

    by the looks of the seed pods it looks like some type of night shade
  9. DuBois Harley Davidson Cruise In Fri

    You should add where it is being held..Better turn out maybe...
  10. Rumbarger Cemetery Preservation Society

    yes it looks wonderful after decades of neglect.But it is a shame that it took the volantary effort of one man to wake Dubois up and create a society to take finally take care of it.Hats of to you Sam E.for all your work with the cemetery...
  11. strange creature caught on trail cam

    A democrat voter,they are already digging up votes.......
  12. strange creature caught on trail cam

    What is it? how about a feeble attempt at photo shop........
  13. History of Sabula

    I have this book and if anybody is interested I want $40. for it.Signed by the author....PM
  14. Where was this ?

    on the hill at the end of the bvld????
  15. 1978 Pic Of Penfield Snow Storm

    It is in Idaho.Rt 15 is the vetrans memorial highway.Was out there in 1969.It is a beautiful state.Tatters everywhere.