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  1. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    They were smoke testing last year... they were here at the shop out back smoke testing.
  2. Canadian health care wait times

    Dr. Yount recently had a quadruple bypass done... he is the best dentist I ever had...
  3. Kitchen Cabinets

    Had a Amish guy in Stump Creek make ours 5 years ago. Beautiful fit and finish, lowes wanted $17,000 for the cabinets and he made them for $8,000! Never stepped into my house to measure, just took my measurements and they fit perfect. Many different woods and finishes to select and does the self closing doors and drawers as well. The pantry he made in 2 pieces, top half and bottom half to make them easier to install. Very happy with them!
  4. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    I remember that quite well..... and pretty sure the same thing will happen here.
  5. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Do you really think the surcharge is going away?

    In my work I see and use most of the internet providers we have around here. By far Comcast is the fastest you can get, that being said if all you are doing is surfing the internet any provider will work though you may get frustrated with how long it takes for pages to load. If you are doing any streaming of video such as Netflix, amazon prime, vudu, Hulu or any other streaming services you definitely will not be happy with other providers.
  8. Curwensville Drug Store Robbed
  9. Just heard that City Drug in Curwensville was robbed at gunpoint around 2 hours ago.
  10. Fire At The Farmers Inn, Sigel?

    Just read that Farmer's Inn has a major fire that took out the restaurant and gift shop. All the animals are ok!
  11. Recycling old t.v

    We take flat screen TV's, computers, laptops and most other electronics, but we don't take tubed TV's.
  12. Recycling old t.v

    Flat screen? Or tubed tv?
  13. Memorial Day!

    I want to extend a big thank you to all the veterans and their families for serving and protecting us in the past, present and future. Memorial Day is not about a 3 day weekend, kickoff to summer or entitled to day off. Memorial Day is a day to salute to fallen military members and their families. It amazes me that people do not understand the meaning of Memorial Day, though it shouldn't amaze me since today EVERYTHING is about politics. But yet some people do not realize that if it wasn't for our veterans we may not have the country that we live in today. Every time someone exercises their freedoms they need to remember just why they have those freedoms. They may of been drawn up by politicians, but they were protected by the military men and women of this country. And those some people protect those privileges everyday. So this weekend when you are enjoying your meal with your family and friends could you please take a moment of your time and think of ALL of our military men and women both past and present. Thank you
  14. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Could this be one of the reasons why Applebee's pulled out? Here is some reading: Maybe these are the reasons the Township was out smoke testing last fall and winter.
  15. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Here at the shop it increased our bill about 40%, now mind you we only do the minimum here so we went from $27 to $37. Love to know how they sent that much sewage to the treatment plant that wasn't accounted for.