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  1. No problem. There's a lot more background to that story that my memory is a little sketchy on so I'll quit while I'm ahead. I did business with the brothers from the outset, both as a customer and a supplier. They both risked everything they had for the business and struggled hard to make it a success. Unfortunately they were not overly sussessful and ended up selling.
  2. The POA never owned the gas station/convenience store. It was owned by the Bly (? spelling) brothers who split their partnership and eventually sold it due to financial difficulties. The brother who owned it at the time of the sale to Mr Brown of 1 Stop was a director on the TLPOA board at one point.
  3. That stuff never happens on my motor home when I travel. Well, I don't think it does, I'm always driving.
  4. The words of so many people like Thoreau ring so true, it is a shame that so many who are exposed to them don't give the merest of thoughts to what they mean. Most read the words, seek a grade in some obscure school course of study and pray that they get through. My old red neck, backwoods boy brain read that discourse from Thoreau as saying to me, the crank of life is large when we first seek it and becomes smaller as we go through life. We should grab it as soon as possible and hang on for dear life because it is ever moving and constantly shrinking in size. Toss all of that in a hat and digest it as a young person and realize that technology has changed our world at lightning speed. Those who missed the crank handle or couldn't hang on are lost unless they adapted their approach to the evershrinking target. The irony of all of the BS I've just spewed is that when our young people need the advice of their parents and life counselors the most is exactly the point where they realize all of those people suggesting, or telling them, what they should do is when they are positive we are all the dumbest people on earth.
  5. It's sad that what you say is so true in far too many cases. While we can lay some of the blame at the doorstep of our educational institutions, we have to place the majority of that blame on the parenting we have witnessed over the past 30 or so years. Parents who do everything for their children and don't allow, or even encourage, them to become responsible for their actions need to recognize the results of their parenting decisions. The term "helicopter parent" has always amused me, but the outcomes from those types of families is not what we have seen as successful for generations. Society has changed a lot over my lifetime, much of it for the better, but this is an area where we have failed. Our desires for more of everything has created two worker families as the norm and our youth is poorer for that. Our youth is our future and what I see isn't exactly encouraging from too many of them. I won't live long enough to see it get much worse but those of you who are younger have some problems ahead in my opinion. I would hope that the many good young people will bring society back a little to where personal responsibility is more prominent.
  6. I agree. Common sense isn't really common and it's hard to find once you become an adult.
  7. Being tied down because your cow has to be milked twice a day is not a good fit for most people's lifestyles today. Milking is just the beginning of the requirements for keeping a cow, housing and feeding are also required. I'll keep buying my milk from a store or farm, it works for me.
  8. Glaring proof that many young people are ill prepared and uncommitted to attend college. Being pushed into college by parents and high school counselors is not a recipe for success. The second point is even more valid. If you are seeking an advanced degree at least be smart enough to learn a skill that has a market where you want to live. If you don't want to relocate upon graduation don't study in a field that has no employment where you want to be. Be realistic in your expectations and you can do well most places, but let's face it there are zero opportunities for art history majors who expect to live in DuBois, PA. People need to realize that a college degree is not for everyone and is certainly not an automatic ticket to the good life. Some of the most educated people I have ever met are also some of the dumbest. Common sense and the ability to think critically will serve as a road map far better than the education derived strictly from books and professors who live in a bubble wrap world. Maybe that is a stupid thought after all, many people today don't know what a road map is, and certainly don't know how to read or follow one.
  9. Ankle bracelets and time working on a public works crew could be more productive than jail time and hoping to collect restitution.
  10. What about all of the other proccessers who are referenced in the article who have cut back on their production and therefore acceptance of farm outputs? If the reason is reduced demand what would you like a proccesser to do. Buy the farmer's milk and dump it down the drain?
  11. I have had similar experience with welding, machine shop and carpentry students from all of the area schools. Clarion County and Clearfield have also produced some outstanding graduates in diesel mechanics and heavy truck technology. Several years ago there was national recognition for a glider kit truck build at Clarion County. Unfortunately since then I have heard that their instructor in that program has left the school. The good thing about these skills is that they are lifelong and very difficult to outsource or automate out of existence. I have seen ads in the local paper recently for apprentice candidates for several trade unions. Any young person who has a desire to work with their hands and earn a good living for a lifetime would be well served by jumping on these opportunities.
  12. Our local area Vo-Tech schools produce some very qualified students who can enter the workforce immediately and be very productive. Unfortunately it seems that our guidance counselors try to keep a lot of quality students from considering this option for their future.
  13. A few years ago there was a group of people from the Erie area who took turns driving to Ohio for milk. If my memory is correct they barely saved their gas money. In the case of your Canadian truckers I would have to put some thought into that one too. With the exchange rate on money their savings is pretty skinny even at $1.50 a gallon, especially if they have to go out of their way to make their purchases.
  14. The price is state regulated in PA. Can't say that is true in other states though.
  15. I find myself watching a little hockey during the playoffs if the Pens are in it. Otherwise not so much. I can appreciate the game, just have minimal interest. The best hockey games I've ever seen in person were the Johnstown Chiefs and a game at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Those Chiefs played like it was life or death and you never think about college hockey in the south, but they had a terrific team although every player had a foreign name.