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  1. We grilled some kielbasa. Also, a mix of mushrooms, Vidalia onions, green/yellow/orange/red peppers, asparagus, zucchini and yellow squash marinated in a yummy marinade with fresh herbs from a recipe that I got out of a magazine a long time ago. I love all of the fresh produce this time of year!
  2. All of ours are the semi-dwarf and I'd really like to pant some more, but at this point hubby is totally against it. I'll probably work on him about it, we'll see
  3. Hubby trims everything judiciously every year and our rhodies and all of the others come back great. Now as to azaleas I know that I've planted at least 50 over the years, not one has survived and I babied them, followed all kinds of advice to no avail. Evidently they hate our soil. Pretty much like fruit trees. Our pear trees like our soil, apples are so so. Plums are a no go. I had two peach trees that lasted 20 years, only produced 7 times, but they were so good! They eventually gave up the good fight. I just had to admit and agree with hubby tonight that our best pear tree is also done for this year. I could cry, the very best pears that I've ever had from anywhere, but it's been slowly getting worse and worse. Hubby trims them each year and we've tried numerous things, but nothing is working. I thought about getting another like it, but we're getting older and by the time it would be ready to produce, I hope to be traveling? Yeah right, we'll be right here, who am I kidding.
  4. I forgot when I responded about getting a good mouser. I'd love to but hubby, son and grandsons are all allergic to cats. Only myself and dil are immune. Even though son and family don't live with us, they always stop in a few times each week and hubby would be miserable. I'd be afraid to have an outdoor only cat. Many reasons. Winter, all of the hawks that we see out here, roaming onto other's property, getting hit by a vehicle ....
  5. I got up early and made some Caesar pasta salad and baked beans. Then we grilled a couple of burgers tonight to go with. Then we had a nice cozy fire.
  6. I can't find the original thread, so Steve you can add this post to the original if you want. I watched this on WJAC tonight, interesting.
  7. I made lazy pigs in the slow cooker today along with buttered, parsley noodles.
  8. We love all of Fat Kids food and Chuck is a good guy. I love to see locals build their businesses instead the same old, same old chain crap. Same to Jodi at Frank's. We try to support these places the few times that we eat out. One more, fish dinners at the Nelson House.
  9. You have to try it!
  10. We have relatives who had the same problems. I would never have rental properties because of what they went through, it's just not worth it.
  11. I promised hubby a home made pizza and picked today, which was way too humid! A side salad to go with it.
  12. I made chicken Caesar salad wrap sandwiches along with some fresh beets from this year's garden.
  13. You need to give Frank's a try, it's a treasured DuBois institution!
  14. Hmmm, I've never started them inside before! My other bed is doing great so far, evidently the chippies haven't discovered it yet. Usually the only problem I have with my sunflower beds are the deer. I faithfully spray the stinky stuff on them to keep deer away, but when we get rain numerous days in a row, it washes it all off and the deer start munching.
  15. Good for you! I hope to be doing that before too long