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  1. Woman found with 27 contact lenses lodged in eye

    I have no sympathy for the stupid..
  2. I'm not thinking this is a "Muslim thing".. I'm leaning towards overly aggressive police actions or negligence, either way the cop is guilty in my eyes.
  3. Aluminum cans

    Technically, no. Would you get caught, probably not. But you could be charged. Your Pennsylvania license plate would be enough to cause suspicion into your activities.
  4. Aluminum cans

    PA doesn't have that, at least statewide. Maybe some of the bigger cities might. Taking bottles to NY that you have not paid the deposit on is illegal. It is fraud at minimum, with possible additional offenses.
  5. Aluminum cans

    How much is your garbage bill? That is how much.
  6. Accident - Brookville

    Jenks St's right-of-way is ridiculously narrow in some places, with poles right close to the road. ...and there isn't much that can be done about it. I've only ever seen 1 pole jump out into the roadway in the 29 years I've been working the telecom industry. ...dont leave the roadway and your odds on hitting a pole are extremely rare.
  7. For months now we've been getting spoofed numbers, solicitors, and scammers - we're only the Do Not Call lists. No local numbers, all are from other states. The lastone left a voicemail about our Window's operating system having been locked. lol The old lady uses OS-X & iOS, the kid is never on his PC, and I'm on my PC 16 hours of the day(work and leisure). And I know none of my MS OS's are tied to that phone number.
  8. It was an experience... Some people may have had to lower their standards to appreciate it. Others knew how to go with the flow. From the pictures I've seen of the new place - it looks very promising even for those with higher standards of cleanliness. lol
  9. hurt duck near city pool

    BTW - I've heard the same about Godot. ...from folks even close to them. I'd steer clear of Godot if you can.
  10. hurt duck near city pool

    The Game Commission's official stance is to allow nature to take its course. It is illegal to intentionally "put an animal down"(wildlife), unless you are exempted by the law(certain vets and law enforcement officers), or if directed specifically by the Game Commission to do it. ...which you better have it in writing or some record of them telling you to do so. It is also illegal to capture the wildlife(with intent to assist it) on the same pretenses above. Personal opinion below: PA's Game Laws need some improvement in regards to Good Samaritan efforts. As it stands, it penalizes good intentions like attempting to save a critter's life or hastening its demise for said wildlife that would die a long and painful death. I'm not talking about animals that were injured during lawful hunts, but rather animals that were victim to accidents, malicious activities, or other events. I'm not suggesting that folks should break out the guns and blast something anytime it is injured, especially within urban areas or ON roads(ricochets have great potential to cause even more harm). But there are other means, and sometimes locations allow for such.
  11. Good. I see way too many people who refuse to move over when they can. ...which leads me to believe they either don't care, or are just stupid drivers - which we all would be better off without them on the road.
  12. I guess we can make that 5 things.. lol I forgot about the egg salad sammiches.
  13. 4 things that mayo is appropriate for: Tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad, macaroni salad. Other that those things, the only appropriate place for mayo is the garbage can.
  14. Did they actually ever finish I-80?? lol
  15. Cash(coins) is king... Way too many incidences of false charges with those EZ-Pass type systems. Plan you routes out, carry cash/coins accordingly.