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  1. I have never had Papa Johns. Actually as in some of the prior posts i have not even had a "chain pizza" in probably 2 years. Support the independents and it's by far better tasting. May be more expensive however but well worth it. You can get a Pizza Hut or Dominos or Papa Johns from anywhere in the country and they are all going to have the same consistency.
  2. Well you can probably still get onto E Long until around 4 or a little after. Parade starts at 5.
  3. I believe they confiscate it and then after a somewhat lengthy process of court proceedings and hearings it will be turned over to the county (or the state) to go into funding for various drug enforcement agencies.
  4. I guess. The picture startled me.
  5. Very true. When i first turned 16 (1971) my neighbor was one of the original salesmen for them. He gave me a pass to go there and drive around. The guard shack at the time was about the size of a port a john (not really much larger now). Myself and a few friends went out there and did just that. Only problem was there were (naturally) very few paved roads. Real easy to get lost. The area is 8000 acres. Having a junior license at the time i was concerned we may not find our way back out before midnight. My aunt was one of the first people that had bought there and she told me many years later that everything that was promised to buyers at that time did happen except for an airplane runway. However now a lot of all those improvements need more improving. The pool at the lodge does look really nice.
  6. I just throw it right on the grill.Turn every so often. Approx 25 minutes.No soaking at all but i do remove the silk at the end of the ear. The only downfall is the mess when you're ready to eat.Husks and silk everywhere. Another way is to dehusk and desilk and rub butter and seasonings on and wrap in saran wrap and microwave for 4 - 5 minutes.
  7. That is a good point. I never would of thought of a landlord trying that but now i could see that happening.
  8. Kinda wondering why they want to wait till Friday to declare the winner. Are they going to analyze each participant and then decide who is deserving and not take into account the votes?
  9. I just now checked. It's 117-90.
  10. It is now 104-72. Good luck SOB.
  11. Just voted.That put you up 33 to 32.