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  1. We used to have "Christmas in April" around here. The trade unions sponsored it and elderly or disabled people could apply to have basic work done on their homes, from repairing frames and joists, plumbing and electricity, etc. (the trade guys) to painting and clean-up (a lot of volunteers). Then the city had to stick their noses into it, took over sponsorship, and of course had to change the name because, goodness knows, "Christmas in April" might offend. It is now "Rebuilding Together" and roughly 1/3 the size it was 10 or 12 years ago. However, the concept is valid - skilled and unskilled volunteering a day to provide focused help. Interestingly, until the city got involved, the union guys would provide materials through their union charities too. Now, the city is expected to do that.
  2. I pretty much have all the chain pizza joints located within 3 miles of my house here. I drive further to get pizza from one of four really good local operations, both because I'd rather support a local business than a chain, but especially because the pizza is better. It has been a few years since I sampled the 'za in the DuBois area but the one joint I've been to was quite good. I'd have to say losing a chain place is no loss at all.
  3. Perhaps myself and those several others are simply pointing out the fruitless nature of worrying about something if you do not have specific recommendations and/or actions to take to relieve those worries. Just to be clear, if those recommendations also involve forcing your views on everyone else, we'll probably continue to mock you.
  4. You have yet to demonstrate that I do not. You're also spinning away from being pinned down on specific recommendations....
  5. What is it that you recommend, Soccermom? Should we all run around waving our arms, Chicken Little-esque? Do you expect Congress to immediately enact legislation requiring that the entire supply of food be thrown out and only non-GMO food supplied? Are we to overreact everytime someone comes out with a statement? How many times have we discovered data being altered or ignored to bolster a particular conclusion? Again, what is in it for this particular creator of a video?
  6. Which has what to do with the price of potatoes in Potsdam?
  7. Therein lies one of my points. Even on this forum nobody can agree what this means. Way back in the 18th post in this thread, R.R. stated: No agreed upon understanding of the second sentence exists in this thread. Yet I rest confidently assured that the point will be thrown around by those who have no agreement or understanding of what it means. When the words "I believe" or "can also" (and other similar qualifiers) appear, we are NOT talking about the same things. This is not criticism of what you believe / think, I'm simply pointing out that if there isn't agreement on what something means in terms of this discussion, then all we're doing is spinning our wheels to discuss it. Bye the bye, nobody has yet answered my question: what is in this for Dr. Shiva or whatever his name is.
  8. I've yet form an opinion on GMOs that can be rationally stated as an answer to so vague a question. "WWW.GOOGLE.COM" and "DR. SHIVA" was what I used, although you might have deduced that already.
  9. OK, let's try again... What I want to know is: What is in this for Dr. Shiva, whoever he or she is How R.R. has decided that all GMO's are infectious Point #1 has to do with the old advice Woodward and Bernstein received: "follow the money". Point #2 has to do with sloppy reasoning and logic. Sorry, Soccermom, I googled "Dr. Shiva" and the first one to come up is a woman with a bunch of degrees and who is among other things described as an "ecofeminist". You can understand how I might think this person is the one in a video.
  10. Got it, that excuses playing fast and loose with words, concepts and trying to brand a thing what it isn't.
  11. So, in short, you have no explanation, just cute memes from other sources. What I'm looking for is for you to explain in your own word how any food can be infectious. If you've read that person's writings, perhaps can tell us which journals they are published in; you know, treat the subject as though we're doing peer-review on it. But you aren't doing that. You've been fast and loose with understanding science in the past, so you'll understand my natural skepticism here.
  12. Understand I'm not going to waste any of my precious remaining time on earth watching a video. Unless there is a written synopsis of the claims, I won't spend time on it. Besides it is sunny and warm in South Bend and I would much rather spend my day sitting at the patio. A quick google of her shows that her career has been spent opposing various forms of farming. So the question remains, what is in it for her? R.R., I am very interested in how food can be "infectious". Now, bear in mind, the word "infectious" is an adjective with the following definition: 1. communicable by infection, as from one person to another or from one part of the body to another: 2. causing or communicating infection. Also of course, that is an absolute statement so the finding of just one GMO product that is not "infectious" makes the argument untrue.
  13. What is in this for this Dr. Shiva?
  14. Was he still taking his laundry home to his mother?