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  1. It's great they were caught, but you can't get blood from a stone! Look's like the Pa. tax payers will take another one to the chin paying for their stay in the pokey.
  2. Yeah and one of them works hard for a living, the other is a total waste of space. Big difference.
  3. That is a different story, I am talking about people who will shop around for the best deal, then cry foul when the local dealers don't trip all over them when they come in for service. An out of town breakdown is a totally different thing. If you live in DuBois and choose to buy in Altoona.......take it to Altoona for service! Sorry, but I really can't blame them.
  4. Yes, but if you buy your vehicle somewhere else you can't expect them to drop everything to take care of you. Loyal customers must come first.
  5. Did you buy from your local dealer? They usually take care of their customers first. If not then take it to where you bought it for your service. A lot of times people find a better deal out of town then cry foul when the local dealer doesn't trip all over them when they'd like service. Just sayin'
  6. I get my dough at Calliaries it's great priced and same stuff they use for their bread. Cook it on a pizza stone and no matter what you put on it you can't go wrong.
  7. I'm with Mack on this one, youtube or google search should turn up the info you need. If you can't find anything there, do a search for a forum on your vehicle. Someone on the forum should also be able to walk you through it.
  8. The NFL should make up their minds or they'll end up like NASCAR. You can't have it one way today and then do a 180 tomorrow. Hope people stand up and quit over paying to see their games!
  9. Well this is the entitlement we have bread! If I ever did something like that I would have had the $hit beat out of me and rightfully so! Maybe we can give the offenders a time out or let them have a little time in the happy chair. We have done this to ourselves and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. We don't hold anyone responsible for their actions!!!! Too rich, too poor, too stupid......etc. People still amaze me for being suprised by this.