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  1. It's one thing to make food containing human milk for people who know and are ok with it being in there. it's a whole different ball game if you feed your bodily fluids to people without their knowledge or consent.
  2. That stuff is nasty. I've seen some people on it and it messes you up bad.
  3. FCC planning to limit spam calls

    I keep getting a robo call asking for some dude. I say wrong number, then there's a pause and "oh, well maybe you can help me!" I find if you swear at those ones they hang up on you.
  4. Woman Convicted For Making Up Fake Rape Reports

    Even though it's been proven she's lying, those poor guys will have that hanging over them for a long time. Does she get a kick out of ruining stranger's lives or was it attention seeking behavior?
  5. looking for a shrink

    Your pcp should be able to help you out with some suggestions and maybe even make a referral. I used to have a wonderful Dr, but he retired 10 years ago. ;(
  6. Papa Johns Dubois

    Their pizza was pretty good when I got it but I've been limiting my take out and usually go with Frank's for pizza. There are 8 pizza shops if I am counting correctly, plus grocery stores and Sheetz. We're pretty saturated in pizza.
  7. Ew, why? I don't want salmon tomatoes. Do they need gills or fins or something? (Yes i know they're not putting gills or fins on food, yet, but seriously, why? Another plant I could see the reasoning, but why a fish??)
  8. Welcome to the updated forum.

  9. Parade

    I don't know if they close east long. The parade goes from giant eagle parking lot, up west long, turns onto Brady and continues over to the middle school.
  10. Texas Mom Left Tots In Hot Car To Die

    That's horrific. Why didn't she just find a sitter if she wanted to hang out with her friends? Hell, they almost would have been better off if she'd left them at home in play pens. I hope she gets locked up for a long time. I'd say stick her in a hot car for 15 hours but that'd never happen. Why didn't any of the other people in the house do something? She was told that she could bring them inside, why didn't they insist that she bring them inside? Why didn't they say that if she didn't bring them in they would call the police or cys? The more I think about this whole thing the more it bothers me.
  11. Brookville Woman Accused Of Producing Child Porn

    Heartbreaking. She needs to be sterilized and forbidden to be anywhere near those children ever again. Plus a nice long prison sentence with plenty of therapy. Lifetime listing on Megan's law and not allowed contact with children. I hope the kids are too young to remember and get put into a nice loving home with parents who will love them.
  12. Rabbits rabbits everywhere!

    So THAT'S why the stray cats are so fat...
  13. Rest In Peace Shmoopie11 <3

    She once offered me a place to stay if I got stuck in a snowstorm after only meeting once. She was truly an incredible person and will be missed.
  14. Whats a dog to do on a very cold day?

    My three are at home snuggled together in their cage. This morning they went outside, did their business, then tried to commandeer my bed. It's always my bed, never one of the other two or the couch. I guess mine gets the best sun.