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  1. Thank you. I had a nice day. Petee, I missed seeing you at the plant sale, but enjoyed talking to the other ladies.
  2. So glad you're going to be ok!
  3. Squirrels and chipmunks are the culprits at our house. We've been using the repellant spray. You have to spray it after every rain and it stinks until it dries. It's been working great for the deer and squirrels and so-so for the chipmunks. I'm pretty sure most critters like Lily bulbs. Maybe it'll work for the humans too.
  4. That one is a Columbine (Aquilegia). Pretty color!
  5. The last one looks like a scented geranium (pelargonium).
  6. She's adorable!!!
  7. We've made them out of leftover stuffing and topped them with turkey gravy. Yum.
  8. Where can you purchase and have installed a remote car starter? Thanks in advance!
  9. Me too. I didn't know her except on here, but she pops into my mind often.
  10. I found pink too. Just no blue.
  11. I found it in green on Ebay. Maybe the info could help in your search.
  12. Does it look like this?
  13. Could be Goutweed - another name is Ground Elder.
  14. What time does the sale start?
  15. Awesome! It's a pretty neat plant. I love mine.