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  1. I've been mowing twice a week since spring and it takes a while to mow 6 acres and usually by now I only have to mow once a week. I could use a break for sure plus getting tired of working in wet conditions but must say the garden loves it!
  2. The Pick Is In

    And they (DD) are going to have a drive thru window as well!
  3. Last Message Viewed

    Same issue here as well. Might be the cookies
  4. Welcome to the updated forum.

    Gee I've been downgraded to a Junior member?
  5. Welcome to the updated forum.

    Staying tuned to see how the upgrade goes. Thanks Steve for keeping things moving forward!
  6. Penelec Scam

    It is sad that there are people that still fall for these type of scams asking for pre paid cards of various types. Hopefully educating the masses will help and I appreciate Mr. D and others who bring these things to the public's attention so that we can educate others. I never have been able to understand the one that a grandchild calls and asks for money to get out of jail and they get someone to fall for it especially when asking for pre paid cards to Target etc.
  7. Black list

    Bet they faked Lizzy's death and the team and her hubby are not in the loop. Here's how I have it figured. Reds female cleanup lady gave her a drug to make it look like she was dead. She will reappear and take her baby back.
  8. Well if you ever wondered what goes Bump in the night, now you know. Kinda reminds me of my first hunting trip to Montana but that's a story for another time! Let me just say they do exist, they do exist, they do exist, they do they do they do exist!
  9. steelers news

    Can you say back to back sacks
  10. Brockway Fire Dept will have it's monthly donut sale Sunday Nov 2 from 8:00 AM until sold out. Bring the kids with you and let them look over our fleet of firetrucks. Thanks for your support!
  11. Brockway Fire Department Open House

    Today is Brockway Fire Departments Open house. 12:00 Noon until 3:00 pm
  12. The Brockway Fire Department will be having an Open House Sunday Oct 5 from 12:00 noon until 3:00 PM. There will be Firetruck rides, free hotdogs as well as demonstrations of rescue tools etc. Come and stop in to say hello.
  13. Brockway Fire Dept Donuts 9/07

    Brockway Fire Departments monthly Donut sale will be Sunday Sept 7 starting at 8:00 AM until sold out. Support your local fire dept and enjoy some freshly made donuts in the process.
  14. Brockway Firemen's Carnival


    Due to the rain outs we have had this week the Carnival will run thru Saturday night with discounted tickets for rides on Saturday. Hope the weather cooperates!