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  1. Haunted tunnel.  

    I went there a couple years ago. I didnt see anything. I wish i would have
  2. We take our medicine there. They are, hands down, the BEST drug store in town!!! They are very quick, and the medicine is alot cheaper than most. As long as they are in business, they've got a customer for life!!!!
  3. DuBois Ghost stories

    Theres also an old Indian burial out on #8 road just outside of Punxsy thats suppose to be haunted, ive never found it but my brother did. Ive also heard of a house that is called "The round house", not sure where it is but if you use a Ouiji board there, then take it home, it is suppose to disappear and if you go back to the round house, it will be there.
  4. DuBois Ghost stories

    There use to be a house by the college behind Comet in Punxy that supposedly had an old lady that would look out the window. I broke in once when i was in 5th grade, although i didnt hear anything, a chair did fall on my foot. I got scared and ran Now that i think about it, the house was so old, im suprised nothing else fell.
  5. I have the brownest thumb ive ever seen. I cant get a weed to grow. ;D I actually did a small flower bed with FAKE flowers. Every time i plant them, they either dont come up at all, or they die soon after. I had a seven sisters bush infront of my house for years, it died last year and i dont know if i can bare pulling it out.
  6. Cat poo =(

    I like my cats and i let them go out. They play, then come back in throughout the day and are in at night. They are fixed, and stay within the area.
  7. Ya don't say!... anymore...

    My grampa use to say "your the little rose in a cow pasture" when i was 18. I know it was a compliment but a cow pasture???
  8. Ya don't say!... anymore...

    scat- my grampa use to tell us to "scat" when we were being annoying. He meant to get out
  9. SAD

    Thats funny. I am watching The Incredible Hulk right Green enough for ya? Its been on all day. Im seeing green!!!
  10. SAD

    Someday I'll Be Saturday Night by Bon Jovi
  11. SAD

    Thats what the sunblock it for
  12. SAD

    A trip to the taning bed every few days (with sun block) should help. The uv rays help with SAD
  13. Favorite Cookie Recipes

    My brownies are done. They are good!!! YUM they taste a bit like a brown sugar poptart, but not too bad at all for my first time making it.. I was out of chocolate so i swiped a chocolate santa from the kids stocking (i know, shame on you Juie).. and added a litle coca to it..
  14. Favorite Cookie Recipes

    I have homemade brownies in the oven as we speak!!! Ive never made them from scratch so i hope they turn out... 2 chocolate bars 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup butter 1 1/2 tsp vinilla extract 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 eggs pre-heat oven to 350 melt butter and chocolate, add the rest of the the stuff throw it in a buttered pan cook 25-30 mins. We'll see how they turn out...
  15. Laundry Soap.........

    They have these things that look like dryer sheets ( i got a sample in the mail) and you put them in the washer AND dryer. They absorb the dye and prevent bleeding. Well, they WORK !!! The wrapper got thrown away so i didnt catch the make but i will definately look for them. Its not detergent, so you dont get it confused with the other stuff. There are lots of good homemade recipes on the Frugal Living website. You should try it out.