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  1. I'm a busy guy/grampa.....I make banana bread, blueberry muffins from scratch
  2. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    retried a mexican place.....
  3. Good Books

    here are some I still need to read.....Snapped by CM Sutter signature by jeff carson the curse of the house on cypress james hunt fragile cord by emma salisbury remorseless by will patching lost girls by celine grace the punished by peter meredith the wave at hanging rock by gregg dunnett be mine by rick mofina
  4. Good Books

    kindle is free.....but thx anyway
  5. Good Books

    I'm more into serial killer books, crime, horror....WHAT ! ? am
  6. DuBois Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Women

    you cant take back lil' smokeys if you open them and spill some on your isnt that dumb
  7. you are a dumbass for leaving him/her in the car lol....that was part of my note the dog wasnt panting or I wouldnt have waited the 5 min .....the owners came out with groceries so they were in there for awhile
  8. Teens in Fla laugh at drowning man

    read that and was too disgusted to post it
  9. – Accident Involving Death/Injury-Not Properly Licensed, Misdemeanor 2 Misdemeanor 2....WTH???
  10. either the window gets broken or the owners do
  11. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    hamburger sandwich and a hotdog with tater tots
  12. walmart said they were getting their mang. to get something done.....that was when the 5 min started.....24 oz brick hammer and a bad attitude towards the owners ....i would have gotten it out note also let them know my thoughts.....might have ended different if I didnt have my 6yr old GD with me......
  13. I hope your dog is ok, and if you got my note, now you know who wrote had 3 min to spare as I sat and waited for either the manger of walmart to come out, the cops to show up, or you and your lady came out.....I gave all of you 5 minuts or I was breaking your window granddaughter said she would treat your dog better......81 degrees out and you didnt have the brains to crack the windows? dont deserve such a nice dog.....sadly you came out first.....maybe you should roll up all the windows and sit there for 10-15 min, see what its like