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  1. Who was she?
  2. Lots of homes in that part of town that have "good bones", should be interesting, though I don't see how that home was bought for $20,000!
  3. So that begs the question "Did DuBois just pick a number out of thin air? If not, how will DuBois make up the shortfall?".
  4. Whenever any government organization adds a tax or surcharge, does it ever go away? For example, about two decades ago, the local school district had a "concocted" financial crisis, that later turned out to be "mis-entries". The district raised taxes something like 20 mils to make up the shortfall. When it was found to be "mis-entries", the taxes were never lowered, but the district sure went on a building spree.
  5. Frank's by a mile, and local cheesesteaks? To be fair, have not tried the new place, but the others? Blah! We need a "Tony Luke's"!
  6. You ain't 18 anymore (and neither am I!).
  7. I read of " the incident" a few days ago, and that recantation was far more graphic, saying that a "connection" occurred. "X" rated flight theater? No more peanuts and softdrinks, but be assurred, you will find the flight most entertaining!
  8. Agway has good, solid ones-around $5 each.
  9. Movie "Slapshot", w/Paul Newman, was based on the Chiefs. One of the Hanson brothers, is the "safety at the hockey rink" spokesman, on the big screen at PPG Place. Penn State has a top notch hockey team and arena.
  10. I can't go. Wife and daughter will go down in a few weeks to kiss the cup again.
  11. Only if slippery as snot on a doorknob!
  12. Well, it might be similar to what you sod-busters do to have fun down south, you know, when out in the cow pastures. You gather a bunch of cow patties, sort through them for a uniform size, keeping them, frying the rest up for supper. Next you dig out your favorite garden hoe, now take it to the blacksmith's vice, mounted on your work bench, heating the hoe stem to red hot and bend the hoe proper, to 90 degrees. Now, dismantle your pasture fencing carrying the pieces to your farm pond, constructing a 3' X 6' target at each end of the pond. Now stand in the middle of the pond, waiting for freezing temperatures to ice over the pond. When the pond is frozen over, shout to your wife, or significant other to toss a few of the standard size cow paddies at you. Ducking to miss them, should release you from the frozen pond, and with wet boots, you'll now be able to slip and slide on top of the frozen water. Take your altered hoe (the garden hoe and not your otherwise, hysterically laughing wife or significant other, and try to smack the cow patties into the 3' X 6' target. After you master the above, I'll explain the neutral zone trap and other calls a ref (or your wife or significant other), might make.
  13. I would view the issue more of one of local governments viewing necessary services as "cash cows" to be extrapolated for "extra revenue" to cover other less needed services. Government has to remember what Lincoln said "I'm afraid there are not enough teats for the piglets to suckle".
  14. Looks just like Big Ulfie-he was traded, but I don't remember where. There was nothing more intimidating than years ago seeing Ulfie and Kschell (spelling!) Samuelson(s) skating up ice as the same time.
  15. Big or little Ulfie? Pens had little Ulfie at Wilkes-Barre, don't know where he is now.