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  1. The boss lady has finally beat me into submission to where I gave in to redoing the kitchen. Guess my Hellcat Charger goes on the back burner for now..... What manufacture and where did anyone that done their kitchen go/buy?? Manufacture or local builder?? Finishes?? Been looking at Kraftmade cabinets and they have some excellent options, seem very well built, and the price is somewhat decent. Also like the ones my MIL had built by the Amish BUT i'm not paying what I paid for my Subaru Outback for kitchen cabinets. What about counter tops?? What's you guys pros and cons on materials?? I like soapstone but more than a few have told me it's too soft and requires a lot of maintenance.
  2. IMO the best pizza was Giancarlos. ( sure I hacked the spelling) Hated to see it close! What I'd like to see is someone open up a pizza shop that served great Chicago deep dish pizza. I hit a lot of the major and hole in the wall deep dish pizza joints in Chicago when I was stationed at Great Lakes and prefer it over the cardboard thin crust pizza most all pizza joints serve around here.
  3. Well Larson done it again last night at Sharon Speedway's All Star Speed Week race!! Very strong rumors going around the sprint car world that Kyle Larson is going to hit some of the Central Pa. Speed week shows!!
  4. I would gladly spend many dollars if they could get a Sandwich Man shop up here like they have in Linglestown.
  5. To celebrate you go win an All Star Circuit of Champions Ohio Speed Week sprint car race on Monday!! Us "seasoned" race fans know this kid is on a path to rewrite the US racing history books becoming the greatest all around race car driver we have ever seen and the three guys sitting at the top now AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, and Tony Stewart are all enjoying the ride and smiling waiting to relinquish their seats to Kyle Larson.
  6. Testing......
  7. Had mine done by Dr Dean Sotereanos when he was at Allegheny Orthopedics doing surgery at AGH. He has since gone on to the UPMC system. Excellent doctor!! Well worth the trip to the Burgh. He has a brother that is still at Allegheny Orthopedics that does lower extremities. I don't know his first name but have had friends that had their hips and knees done by him and have nothing but great things to say about their results.
  8. When it was all said and done the other night we had 2 3/4" of rain.
  9. Best thing I had done was my bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. The only regret I had is I wish I would have had it done 10 years sooner when it started to become an issue instead of putting it off. What a difference it made!!
  10. Fires, floods, trees down, lines down all over the tri-county!! It's a mess out there!!
  11. Add to that between the western part of the state getting ready to blow wide open with MAJOR multi-year projects and the eastern part of the state already going crazy with MAJOR projects with more coming the trades are going to be WFO taking new apprentices and already trained workers. Add to that the neighboring states are begging for trades workers too. The future is looking very bright for tradesmen and tradeswomen for many years to come. Get great pay and benefits to receive a free education where you can find and obtain work basically anywhere in the world or pay/go in debt tens of thousands of dollars for something you "may" find a job with.......
  12. I had a guidance counselor and a teacher that was very adamant that it would be a big mistake to go to Jeff Tech. Well it was one of the best decisions I made in my young life and the second best was joining the US Navy. Years later I went as a supervisor to that school for a major construction project and they were both still there. I made sure to remind them telling me that going to Jeff Tech would be a big mistake....
  13. Easy solution go buy some dairy cows......
  14. My milk comes fresh from the teet, into the milk tank, and after a through cooling right into my milk jugs. If you don't have cream on top of your milk you're drinking white water IMO.
  15. Jumps into one of his sprint car teams backup cars and commences to kick some World of Outlaws butts and puts on a driving clinic doing it. Enjoy!!