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  1. Rockmen on the mountain?

    Inukshuks Popular in the hiking and geocaching community.
  2. Rumbarger 2015

    Wonderful too see! Beautiful work! So selfless and giving.
  3. Hey Grandpa, What's For Supper?

    I'll finish the rest of my deli sandwich from lunch here if I have an appetite, but its drop-my-son-off Friday to his Dad so they know they get either BK or McDonalds in the car ride up since I do not have time to make dinner before we have to go. It's their treat every other Friday. Then its back to the house to have a TWD marathon (well the last two episodes) with my daughter with some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or popcorn (still making the cookies anyways as my family is visiting this weekend).
  4. Rent-A-Chcken For Farm Fresh Eggs

    Add in like Bon said though... time, feed and heat. My daughter begged for a duckling last year at the tractor store....It was less than $10 as I recall but I knew as we went along it would be too much hassle as well as too much money (unless of course you had a full blown business devoted to this). I am with WMJ....I'll just buy my eggs from the market.
  5. Our adopted spoiled children
  6. This is making me cry. I have two rescues (evil cats though lol) and if I could have more I definitely would! My Diamond and Logan are such joy bringers to all of us. Diamond is our Momma cat. She takes care of us and Logan is the idiot grown kitten who just makes us laugh. Do not ever hesitate to adopt. Companion for life!
  7. Haunted tunnel. I read about the tunnel collapse in the actual old article a few years but cannot find the story right now. I am determined now to though. The story with the kid(s) is too old and is a legend....true? Who knows. But I do know what I felt on my boot and what I saw at the entrance, and not to mention what my pup was growling at when I took her. But I do believe the mob stories in this area, especially at the coke ovens. Perfect place to hide a body and no one say a word.
  8. Haunted tunnel.  

    Marine4 from here knows the story much better than I do, but there is a story of two children that went missing (traveling back home) and (one or both) found passed away in the area. What was creepy was the youngest was about my son's age (3-4) and while I was walking the lower tunnel, I felt "him" holding onto my boot as I walked along. There was also a collapse in the top tunnel killing I think about 12 workers (you can see where the brick changes). The mob was also big in the area back in the day, and there are stories that this is one of the locations for kills (the coke ovens are another....belt buckles, keys, etc found in some ovens help to confirm that)
  9. Haunted tunnel.  

    I am actually looking at this now to figure out where it is. I'd love to explore it as well!
  10. Haunted tunnel.  

    We'd make a good hunting team, b/c it was opposite with me. lol
  11. Haunted tunnel.  

    dammit....think I can bat my eyes and get past? I do have PPE you know!
  12. Haunted tunnel.  

    Ok now I am DEFINITELY going!!!
  13. Haunted tunnel.  

    lol and why we love you and you are our old3dogg Seriously though, if anyone wants to go, I am kid free this weekend and would love to come up!! Bring knee high s&*tkickers may need them with the extra melting. The water in the upper tunnel may be deeper than normal (just a guess)
  14. Haunted tunnel.  

    I may be clung onto you!