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  1. Good Books

    I recently read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Frightening that this could happen.
  2. Good Books

    I liked The Nightingale. We will be reading Hillbilly Elegy soon in the book club I go to at the library in Brookville. Right now we are reading The Girl who slept with God.
  3. So, Dunkins is coming...

    Pat Catan's. Love their stores! Great prices and tons of neat stuff.
  4. Woman found with 27 contact lenses lodged in eye

    Yeah, I don't understand it either. How can you miss taking out 27 contacts? Any why only one eye? I have the same routine. Right lens in, left lens in. Right lens out and into case, left lens out and into case. It should have really hurt.
  5. So, Dunkins is coming...

    That is why I never saw it. Can't remember the last time I was on that road. Kind of a strange location.
  6. Mustard and Ketchup

    Where do you get your info?
  7. Mustard and Ketchup

    That is a weird response. Giant Eagle tries to fulfill all requests for a specific product. It is that easy.
  8. Beautiful Weather ?

    I helped with bingo last night and tonight at the Jefferson county fair. Miserable. I was soaked both nights. I usually get a shower in the morning but there was no way I was getting in bed like that. Gross.
  9. So, Dunkins is coming...

    I have heard about Aegis. Where is it?
  10. DuBois Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Women

    I would have laughed in his face. "Really?"
  11. Thieves Go Big, Steal 'Tiny Home'

    I really, really want a tiny house. I am ready to downsize. Less stuff and less cleaning.
  12. Well at least she tried to put it out....
  13. Won't be the same without John. He was quite a character.
  14. Tesla in Town

    Have heard that more than one person has tried to vacuum their car with these new chargers. They should send in those videos!