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  1. Hope you had a great day!
  2. Yep. I don't think I would have wanted to run into him while he was in that state!
  3. My brother lives in that area. His power was off almost all day. The day before, he was rubbing it in that he has central air and I don't. Karma.
  4. Wow! He REALLY needed a cigarette!
  5. Don't visit at the same time every day. Keep it unexpected. Good times to show up are around meal times and right before bed. These are times when there is a lot of interaction with the residents and the staff. The place my dad was is exceptional. I was amazed at how caring and kind the staff were. I know sometimes the elderly can be a little cranky (can't we all?) and I never saw a lack of patience or caring. Sometimes I think that people in these positions develop those traits quicker if they have a personal connection to someone in the same situation.
  6. I can't believe they aren't in jail.
  7. I was at a 2 way stop in Brookville last week. I was turning right. When there was a break in the traffic, I pulled out. There was a bike across from me that was turning left from his stop sign into the same lane of traffic as me. I caught a glimpse of him in my side mirror as he almost laid it down to avoid broadsiding me. Scared the crap out of me! Apparently he didn't realize who had the right of way....with all of the traffic and from my vantage point, I never saw him until he tried to turn. I always try to watch for bikes, but they need to help too!
  8. We just had the estate sale at my parent's house. They still had the "grandfather" clock they got for attending a time share sales pitch at the lake in the 70's. It was battery operated.
  9. That is freakin' hysterical!
  10. Yes, we should have one. I believe it will save lives as patient's will be treated quicker than being transported out of the area. It will also be easier on family members if the patient can remain local. We are very excited about PH DuBois obtaining this certification.
  11. And there is another person who shouldn't have been allowed to have children.
  12. Peace, love, and little donuts is amazing! We have donuts at work this morning and I won a free dozen of Scotty's from Sunny 106!
  13. Sometimes it is humbling to realize how many people care and want to help. I would think this whole situation would be overwhelming.
  14. My XM is free for me. My brother added it to his plan and renews mine every year for my birthday. I have 2 spots that it doesn't come in.....I-80 near the Reynoldsville exit and in front of the courthouse in Brookville. Of course, those are 2 places I hit everyday. Other than that, I really enjoy it.
  15. We had big hail at the hospital too. Never saw anything like it before. Kind of neat.