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  1. COME AS YOU ARE 🌞 nIrVaNa
  2. Maybe it's an elderly or sick person's home....? Maybe they can't do it...? Maybe we can help them...?
  3. Stuck in the middle with you ~ Steve Miller Band
  4. Love Buzz ~ NIRVANA
  5. I hate myself & want to die ~NIRVANA
  6. I don't know the guy that one. I'm am one of the most negative & misreable people you could ever meet!!! But I say to guy I don't know or care to know.Hell Yeah to u guy! No sour grapes about taxes & sh~it!
  7. Try the thingies that stand alone & open up with a center & a left side & ride side. They can kind of stand up with maybe a weighted coffee can that you could place in front & behind to the display board. You could decorate the 2 cans & make a slit in tops & have slips of paper & pen at the back on & have guests with a one line favorite quote that will make graduate smile & have the one in front just weighted for support. I think they are available at staples & Way's. Can be used for anything. One example Science fairs.
  8. Hey, it's raining right now with thunder!
  9. It's a parade thing! Brockway forth celebration! We used to live in the B-way. We got wise & would park in Martino's backed in to the side walk & have chairs put out & have a cooler with h2o & whatever a kid,family, dog might need.
  10. Not spiders with meth. It's the bees.....ahhhhh!
  11. F'chipmunks are my pest & shoot at them with pellets, with fill buckets 1/4 full with h20 and a few drown, but unless you constantly watch the dumb quarrels knock the wood ramp so chipf's can crawl up it. Tried to convince somebody's indoor cat tha escapes weekly to kill them, but it wants petted, I don't pet it...dumb cat But congrats to all the nice gardens posted
  12. Prayers & strength
  13. About 15 minutes ago 2 army green helicopters took low oval loops above my location...was there an accident Mr. D ?
  14. Thx. Again BeeMan71!! And Thank you to everyone that added information to who,what, where.