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  1. looks great to me so far! We appreciate what you do Steve!
  2. I get the warranty on the car one OFTEN, and I ask every time, what Kind of warranty do you offer on a 2004 model, I bought used four years ago with no warranty, that's when they hang up LOL
  3. $185 For A Paper Clip

    I was just thinking the same thing! Maybe I should cut back to five days a week!
  4. DuBois wants residents to clean up

    When I think about how FAST we mowed our lawn as kids, we had about four acres to mow and we had to have it done by noon when my mom would come home from work on lunch to take us to the pool, if we weren't done, we stayed home and no pool that day, LOL My dad is SOOOOOOOOO particular about his lawn, I wonder how he handled the mess's we must have made of the yard, because we would run those mowers as hard and fast as we could!
  5. DuBois wants residents to clean up

    My husband has been mowing our neighbors grass this year so far, because it looks bad to us, but a couple of weeks ago, the neighbor came out on the porch and watched him. My husband was irritated by this so he asked if he was disabled or lazy, he just went back in his house, and we heard a little bit of a fight and he was out there mowing, I guess his Wife agreed with my husband. These are 20 something's the wife is the worker and he the stay home dad, I told my husband, I bet SHE thinks he has been mowing!
  6. Thoughts on Vapes/Eciggs

    " we " quit cold turkey about ten years ago, however my husband never really quit he was sneaking etc. he tried the patch, the lozenges etc , he then went to the vap and over time went down to zero nicotine, then he finally got off that, I would say he did the vap for about 18 months, I think if the goal is to quit and you keep that in your mind and use it less and less that's great, my thing is, you can USE them indoors places you could never smoke these days, My husband made an effort to only smoke the vap where he would have been able to have a smoke, so he always went on the back porch at home, things like that. Point being you have to be careful your not actually increasing your use!
  7. Weeds?

    what might this be? all I know for sure is I can't seem to kill it! and it seems to want to climb my trellis
  8. Help once again please

    Kinda on the subject, I have a flower bed full of maple tree's Tiny ones, say 10 inch's at most, I thought I Had a girl who wanted to use them for a Sunday school class type thing and she did not, ANYONE interested in tree's?
  9. I ll see you over there Cheryl, will most things be there on Tuesday after five pm? I figure I will just stop over after work
  10. Spring table runner

    cute~ and I think we have the same table~

    The Bundy mine pic was my Grandfathers brothers mine. Who was your grandfather Dodgeman?
  12. WCED AM Memorabilia?

    Charlie moore worked for WCED then went to WDBA where my mother worked for 30 years, he was as nice off the air as on, He used to always have little box's of Candy from Shenkles Phar on hand it seemed! I"m sure my mother has that book, but i'm not so sure I ever read it.. was pretty young when it came out but I may have to ask to look at it now!
  13. Ready! Set!............

    I bought some of the Abe lincolns last year from one of the garden clubs, which ever one sets up the sale over by medicine shope and they were excellent, Something I had never heard of before, made a sweet BLT! ANyone know when that sale is this year?