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  1. hurt duck near city pool

    I can picture her as a tough boss. She didn't let me take the goose back to the sanctuary I had to wait at the gate. I heard that her place is super clean and the animals are well cared for.
  2. hurt duck near city pool

    You are correct.
  3. hurt duck near city pool

    I caught a wild goose with a broken wing 2 years ago, which is illegal by the way. Absolutely, without a doubt, if you can get someone to catch it and get it in a carrier there is but one place to take it around here. Please do not waste your time with the game commission. They couldn't fix the goose's wing but it is living the life of Reilly. Godot Animal Sanctuary 391 Laughbaum Drive Punxsutawney, Pa.15767 814-938-1052 You need to call ahead because they keep their place gated.(to keep the game commission out I think) email - The woman that runs the place is the best, no nonsense.
  4. Ah yes, a true landmark that everyone needed to go to at least once. Lol, yes, the tables were good practice for keeping your elbows off them.
  5. I paid mine for Route 376 which just went drive through. If I recall you don't get that much time to pay.
  6. looking for a shrink

    Buzz DiGilarmo
  7. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    Pennsylvania accepted Medicaid expansion which means that the federal government pays the majority of the bill. Under Trumpcare Pa. will get less money for Medicaid which means that either people are going to lose insurance coverage or Pennsylvanians are going to have to pay higher taxes to keep the same amount of people covered. How is it going to help our local hospital if more people use the emergency room and don't pay?
  8. Steel, Coal, is Healthcare next for rural areas?

    Explain why they were off. The CBO never envisioned that Republican run states would reject Medicaid expansion. After taking that into account the CBO has been pretty accurate.
  9. Septic Tank Lids

    Too bad I didn't catch your post sooner, I have one for free, if you or anyone else want it give me a PM.
  10. Here's the thing about GMO's, 80 to 85% of GMO foods are sprayed with Roundup, give or take a % or 2 for Bob's sake. I steer clear of the Roundup aisle in stores let alone use it at home.
  11. Not everyone is a Llibertarian.
  12. Do your homework, you dug up a 2013 Bill, what about the 7/7/2016 Bill where a majority of Republicans and a few Dems voted against GMO labeling? Your Republican holier than thou attitude about GMO's is full of holes.
  13. 50 countries require GMO labeling, even China. What's different about America? Citizens United. In the United States it is legal for our politicians to be bribed. Our Supreme Court ruled that money=speech so that means that big corporations have super speech which means they have unlimited amounts of money to bribe politicians where my speech is limited because I don't have thousands of dollars that I can give to my Representative. Add in gerrymandering and politicians are free to ignore the wishes of their constituents.
  14. I am right. Right away we had a GMO defender speak out, most likely without watching the video, which is his right. The country of origin labeling was for meat, was it not? The problem there is that other countries have sued the U.S. because of our labeling and the WTO has ruled against our policy of labeling to the tune of big bucks. The GMO labeling has been shut down mainly by Republicans if I remember right. They passed a bill that outlawed states from passing mandatory GMO labels. One thing about organic foods, I believe that a food cannot be a GMO if it is labeled organic. That doesn't mean that it doesn't have pesticides in it but as Petee pointed out the odds are better that organic foods have less poison in them. I remember Michele being made fun of on GoDuBois because of her garden at the White House, made fun of for her push for healthy meals for kids in school. The argument about organic costing more is a valid argument, but you can do what my daughter does, e.g. she buys the ingredients to make her own healthy muffins, or tacos or whatever. Go to Food where you can learn how to make your own healthy food and learn what to avoid. I switched from cooking with butter and went to olive oil a long time ago. I learned that most of the brands of olive oil are junk, basically watered down. It takes a bit of effort to wean yourself off of junk foods and I don't see Americans willing to take the time to do that.
  15. Hmm, wonder why so many countries banned those GMO soybeans? It isn't just about causing cancer, read something from a stem cell biologist, GMO's affect our bodies in other ways. I'm fine with people eating pesticides and butane and the stuff they use to make yoga mats, have at it. Organic foods taste better, especially the milk.