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  1. Is it just me or could that place use a name change? Dr. Doolittles just doesn't seem to do justice to what promises to be a very neat place for ALL.
  2. That guy needs smacked upside his head and brought down to size. What kind of guy would smack a woman's 12-year-old daughter like that?
  3. Such a good outcome. And...such a good guy who was there at the right time. Good things do happen and it is good to hear about them. Thanks again mr. d.
  4. Good Books

    Have you heard of or read Rick Bragg? This guy is in the South and is one of the top writers of all time.
  5. Those poor souls. Prayers to them every time I take a drink of cold water from the fridge.
  6. So, Dunkins is coming...

    2) Is really an excellent idea. Wish many more thought along these lines.
  7. Good Books

    Read "Hillbilly Elegy" and it was a good one. Landfill would really enjoy a book by Rick Bragg titled "All over but the Shoutin'" It's a "Southern" book but this guy can write circles around others.
  8. I read something once where an artist and carver was explaining that the finished piece was somewhere within the block to start with. It was his job to take the covering off to reveal the piece within. This carver (the Wiz) is truly an artist of nature.
  9. Thanks Mr. D for passing this along.
  10. On TV, Facebook, and in today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, there is the story of five teenagers, ages 14 to 16 who laughed and taunted a drowning man, telling him that he was going to die and they were not going to help him as he struggled and screamed. There is no law against their actions where they live in Brevard County, so the most they could get is a misdemeanor charge of "failure to report a death." According to the Trib article, many countries including Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Russia do have laws (some including prison time) requiring people to render aid even it that means only summoning authorities. Knowing that there are laws in this country against "cruel and unusual" punishment, my thought is the least they deserve for their despicable behavior is to be waterboarded so they can experience some of what the victim of their laughter went though. Any agreement?
  11. Hey - thanks for sharing the pics. Have never seen such a collection of Vipers. Wonder what that bunch is worth? Probably plenty.
  12. Giving Thanks

    Just wanted to share these words of gratitude and thanks for being part of this Bright Blessed Day which has followed the Dark Sacred Night: " Thank you Dear Lord for being part of this day and for all that we have - the goodness, the mercy and much grace."
  13. Back to the Fair!

    Thanks for this notification and for all the good and beauty you folks bring to the area. Good stuff!