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  2. My notifications are adding up. How do I delete them like the last Forum programing?
  3. Good point. It slipped my mind that it is in MAY. Logistics of parking with school still in session
  4. Good idea. They could put a hospitality tent up too. Any overflow or wet weather (Oh No)can be at Middle School. Or Run shuttle from high School to field or martins and cross bridge.
  5. OK. Just a thought.
  6. I would assume long distance teams will fly into University Park. And For an event this size, Ill bet Main Campus Athletic Department is pitching in. Plus the closest other name brand hotels after Dubois is filled is Clearfield.
  7. Excellent. That is why back when they were doing it I supported it. Teams from all over the country will be coming. And Im sure for practice they might be using other local fields in Falls Creek and Brockway as needed. People from other parts of the country may see Dubois and think this might be a good place to bring a business. The renovations will pay for itself into 2 years with the influx of business from both events. Dubois and Sandy Twp need to get together to put a small brochure together of the area to hand out to these people. Penn State Dubois will be the college sponsor.
  8. The union are short workers.with the current generation of retirees
  9. Absolutely. I have experienced some of the students from Auto Body and they are excellent
  10. You are exactly right. I was one of those people 3 decades ago. I did get to use my degree right out of college but shortly there after being laid off 2 years out of college then and now it is worth almost nothing. The University sold me on it because I was working my way through college in that field. Even a General none specialized Business degree is better than any Liberal Arts. if I had a choice again Associates in a specialty in Business would be my choice then finish a Bachelors in the specialty or subspecialty. Like get a marketing Associates then progress to bachelors in Accounting or Logistics. Ive seen people with 2 year engineering do really well also. the healthcare fields for 2 years are really specialized and not a lot of junk courses. The problem with college is 1/3 of the courses are junk. I can see freshmen english composition but then if its not your major why have peotry or Russian Literature. i think bachelors could be 3 year degrees if they cut out most of the "general".
  11. Wonderful people. Have been a regular customer since they took over the business. The best FOX's Ive been in. First a fire and now this, prayers.
  12. Homecoming is late this year.