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  1. I'd like to have seen the "World's Longest Oven"
  2. I know a few 51-year old women who would have gladly said in a case of a mistaken identity with a 29-year old woman "Yeah, I am that 29-year old woman".
  3. The last that I heard, the Merritt Bundy family is still having annual family reunions at the Bundy farm. Merritt & his wife also ran the gas station for years.
  4. If you are willing to travel to Indiana, Musser's Nursery has a huge selection.
  5. I have to agree - I was at that Fiesta Bowl. It was the very first Fiesta Bowl and it was scheduled to have its very own night for this game. But the game was not enjoyable - when PS intercepted the ball for the win the PS fans by then were emotionally drained - and could only cry tears of a mix of joy and relief.
  6. I have no problem with the 6-banger - but I would have hoped that Dodge would have made a manual transmission standard with the automatic optional. At least Ford got it right with the Focus RS - even though it is a four-door..
  7. We Penn Staters needed that. This will really help our recruiting. Now keep it up for Purdue and the rest of the games.
  8. Whatever happened to the "Bucktails"?
  9. Looks like a nice show. Now I can only pray that Ford will make the 2020 Bronco look half as nice as the Bronco in the show.
  10. Right on the Clfd Cty/Jef Cty line - part of it was actually in each county.
  11. I know that PA Wildlife Habitat used to make the bluebird boxes - maybe someone in the organization could suggest something helpful
  12. It will depend upon the type of winter that we have - but I would say a prayer for it.
  13. I test drove both of them last month. I am waiting to see if and when Subaru will make the Crosstrek Turbo in a 6 speed manual. The Forester was Motor Trend SUV of the year.
  14. Motor Trend just gave its annual SUV of the Year Award to the 2014 Subaru Forester - and it beat out several more expensive SUVs in the category. I have been seriously considering the new Forester (and the Jeep Compass) - but I am going to hold onto my 2004 Suzuki Vitara 4WD 5-speed with 128,000 miles as long as I can - there just is no substitute for a transfer case. Unfortunately it appears that a transfer case is now a thing of the past - and along with that the manual transmission is becoming harder and harder to find. I guess that I am starting to sound like an Old Geezer - "They Just Don't Make Them Like They Used To".
  15. WOW - sorry to say - but it does look like it went from "weeping" to "dying". When you break a piece of the branch, is it dry and brittle? Did you see any worms (like May saw worm) or caterpillars (like tent worm) or beetles (like Japanese beetle) on it this spring or summer? Still, dying that quickly, it almost looks like someone sprayed it with a brush killer. Hopefully you can get a new one at an end of season sale at a local nursery and replace it.