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  1. Stupid criminals of the day...

    A fellow walked into a convenience store, showed a gun, and told the clerk "Open the register and give me the money." The clerk opened the drawer, pulled out all the bills and stuffed them into a bag. The robber said "I want the big bills from under the tray too. The clerk said "I had hoped you wouldn't think of that." Robber replied "You have to get up pretty early to get ahead of Earl J. Smallshaw." and left with all the money. The clerk called the police. When they got there, the clerk related the conversation. Police asked for a phone book, found an Earl J. Smallshaw. Went there, found Earl J. in the driveway in his truck counting the money.
  2. I suppose so they can be driven onto and off of the carrier.
  3. Yesterday (27th) saw the same thing in the same place. Or could it be the same car you saw, still being written up? Nah!
  4. Dark Brown/Black Butterflies?

    Green with long "tails" on their wings = Luna Moth
  5. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Could it be that they had no choice? That is, might there be something in the rules governing the township which requires rates to be uniform throughout the township? I vaguely recall something in the new enlarged St Marys. Forget what it was, something to do with recycling pickup, I think. The city proposed to do it only in the built-up area, state said "Nope. If you're going to offer the service, you have to offer it to everyone in the city".
  6. Angel Eye's Tree

    I've told it's darned hard to kill a willow.
  7. Birds Eye View of Du Bois

    After some fiddling around with an image editor, here are bits of the several maps, showing the Avenue theater (or its absence) in 1901, 1906, and 1913.
  8. Birds Eye View of Du Bois

    According to the Sanborn maps, the Avenue Theater was built sometime after 1901 and before 1906. That is, it doesn't appear on the 1901 map and does appear on the 1906 edition. However, the 1906 map shows the theater sitting back some distance from Long Avenue. The 1913 map shows the building extending to the street. The building in the photo seems to match the 1913 map better than the 1906 map. If I recall things my mother told me correctly (and if she was remembering correctly), women were still wearing floor-length skirts as recently as World War 1. So, I suspect the photo was taken some time in the period 1906 to 1915.
  9. Where was this ?

    The existing parochial school apparently dates from 1919. According to the history of SSCD parish, the school was expanded in 1913 and again in 1919. Whether one of those expansions was in fact a replacement is not clear. In any event, what's there now wasn't what was there when women wore floor length dresses and folks drove around in buggies.
  10. Where was this ?

    I suspect the scene isn't in DuBois at all rather, Punxsutawney. The attached snippet of the 1912 Sanborn map shows a couple buildings, the SS Cosmas and Damian school and convent, which seem to be the right shape. I've added a circle to show where I think the photographer stood, and a couple lines to suggest the field of view. The 1906 Sanborn map does not show anything in that part of town, so it's hard to know when the house next to my circle was built. It could be that in, say 1900, the photographer was standing in an open field across the street from the school and convent. Looking at the church's web site, it appears the school and convent date from the late 19th century, so there would have been quite a few years for someone to have taken the photo in question before nearby houses were built.
  11. Regarding the group photo at the tannery: I suggest that the "stuff" is not dried hides, but bark, probably hemlock bark, used in the tanning process.
  12. Hogan-Martin store

    I don't know where it was, but... The DuBois public library has several old city directories which date from around "back then". You should be able to find the store's address there. Also, they have a 1913 Sanborn Fire Insurance map atlas. It may show the store by name. Look at "Specials" on the index page. At worst, if you get the address from the directory, you should be able to find the store on the maps. Ask at the desk for the location of the directories and map atlas. The 1913 Sanborn maps are also available on line at: Bob Netzlof