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  1. Dubois Flights to Pittsburgh and Baltimore

    It is true. I am now a State College passenger, at least until they resolve this issue.
  2. DASD Fire Athletic Director

    hatch·et man ˈhaCHət ˈˌman/ noun informal noun: hatchet man; plural noun: hatchet men; noun: hatchetman; plural noun: hatchetmen a person employed to carry out controversial or disagreeable tasks, such as the dismissal of a number of people from employment. I'm not wrong. It may not sound pretty, but it's accurate.
  3. DASD Fire Athletic Director

    Agreed about the economic development. I'm so tired of hearing we "need" a Starbucks, and Olive Garden and the like. We need family sustaining jobs where people make a decent wage and can support their families and pay taxes. Yes, the Board is elected. And yes, they hired the CEO as you put it, or the hatchet as I put it. He obviously had/has no intention of staying, as he put down no roots. Residency requirements are rather common for jobs such as his. It's "skin in the game" or proves a vested interest in the overall outcome of the decisions made. Again, I'm not saying that some of these changes weren't necessary. I DO think that our district had a lot of superfluous positions that need to be terminated, and the "boys" club of locals couldn't make that happen, so he was, dare I say? a necessary evil? With so much nepotism, people can't move without offending someone.
  4. DASD Fire Athletic Director

    I said, "someone or a group of someones" That's plural. So, you agree that it makes it appear that he was "the hatchet"? Has a job to do, does it and leaves and he and his family are basically unaffected. A lot of lives are being affected by the changes. For the record, I'm not saying some of those changes weren't necessary.
  5. DASD Fire Athletic Director

    The write-up in the paper sounds a bit like someone or a group of someones just didn't like him. Any sporting event I ever attended he was there, doing his job. Then you have a superintendent that doesn't even live in the district, and his kids don't go to school here. Shouldn't that be a requirement? Or is this proof that said superintendent was brought in to be the hatchet and then leave when the work was done?
  6. Gator, If you had seen the Godsmack drum battle, you wouldn't have to ask your wife. Sully Erna and Shannon Larkin head to head could NOT be forgotten.
  7. Whoa. Soccermom, I'm impressed. I never would have thought in a million years that your music taste could align with mine.
  8. Birds Eye View of Du Bois

    I also believe this to be correct. Any idea when this was taken?
  9. The "goat" looks kind of like how I've pictured Satan. creeeeppppppyyyyy.....
  10. View Outside My House at 8AM

    First glance in one of those pictures, it looks like there is an elk in the bed of a truck.
  11. My wifes newest wreaths.

    She's pretty crafty. I think one of the Relay for Life teams is doing a crafters only show at the old Litts sometime in November. I'm thinking maybe the 15th? Will see what info I can find and post it later.
  12. Empty flower pots

    Dang! I sent mine out for recycling last night. I wish I would have thought to donate them. I have a few plants that still need to find a spot. I will be sure to save those ones for you.
  13. BUDS Gardeners Plant Donation "Sale".

    What times will you be open?
  14. Sides and Vegetables Recipes

    I'll have to try that cauliflower recipe, Bon. I had some guests not show up for the holiday and I have extra cauliflower. Thanks!