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  1. Aluminum cans

    Don't need fencing, we have security lol
  2. Gardens

    Fill a bucket halfway with water cover top with sunflower seeds, the little buggers jump in and drown. I have had as four at a time
  3. Gardens

    Doing pretty good
  4. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    I believe the city of Dubois charges Sandy twp, the same rate as its own residents, the Sur charge is owned by Sandy Stop the infiltration, will the surcharge go away, probably not
  5. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Why would you blame Dubois, Sandy was aware of a problem and took no action until Dubois put flow meters on the lines, then they come up with a sur-charge to finally address the problem. You pay a maintainence charge for what?
  6. Garden experts I need advice...

    I had 4x8 boxes changed to 2x8, the light gets in better, nothing gets shaded out, I started with peat moss added compost and vermiculite, top with a little manure, I add compost and manure yearly good luck
  7. The Valley Cave

    I saw Goldfinger there, also shondels Tommy James couldn't make it
  8. Go DuBois gardening question

    Hosta's are deer salad, vinca might be better for ground cover, stays green gets small purple flowers