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  1. Flower Photograph

    An African Daisy photographed at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. A special thanks to the Down To Earth Garden Club for helping me identify this vibrantly colored flower...
  2. Photo sharing/hosting

    Flickr works for me...
  3. Great news... However this is only a drop in the bucket...
  4. Clarion enrollment plunges

    Reminds me of a young lady that graduated from Florida State University, majoring in Marine Sciences, specializing in Marine Biology that returned home to DuBois and was disappointed because she couldn't find a job.
  5. The Second Yellow Peony

    Very nicely done... Looks great.
  6. Rockmen on the mountain?

    Nope... the red flag indicates the place where they are planning to build an Olive Garden Restaurant.
  7. Spring Art and Nature

    Thanks... Great event, was very well attended..
  8. Spring Art and Nature

    Thanks for posting...
  9. Bon.... It seems appropriate that since Blue is now a movie star, that he would be hanging out in Hollywood. Makes sense to me...
  10. The PGC no longer uses the yellow collars with numbers and letters... They switched to plain brown collars with an antenna attached and no numbers or letters...
  11. I agree "Fred" is really missed....The last few times I went up to Benezette I saw another bull that is hanging around town and quickly gaining popularity... He is the collared bull 2D... Since then the PGC has removed his yellow collar... I was in the woods up at the Winslow Hill Viewing Area and noticed a bull bedded in the field. I laid my camera bag down on the ground and moved about 20 feet. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see 2D checking out my camera bag...
  12. Bon... I can assure you that "Blue" will make the cut because before Wednesday morning the plan was for the PGC to tranquilize and radio collar an elk. As it turned out, the PGC was notified about "Blue" being in distress in Scattertown and decided to permit the filming crew document the rescue and collaring. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that you would make "Blue" a movie star?
  13. Bon... The production company filmed for 6 hours and that will need to be edited down to fit their one hour program format and this will take some time I will keep you posted when their programming schedule is announced.