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  1. So, Dunkins is coming...

    I love Scotty's and it is on my end of town but the problem I have (other than parking) is they always seem to run out of donuts fairly early. We tried for 4 Saturdays in a row to stop for donuts after the morning soccer game (around 10:30 - 11:00) and they only had a few to choose from.
  2. Asking for a friend....

    I have renters that call for every little thing such as burnt out light bulbs and clogged toilets( try plunging before you call) but i also have ones like you that really take care of the place. The ones that take care have never had a rate increase the other ones well that is a different story.
  3. Before reading your post, my first thought was " there is a reason he wet his pants to begin with". I think your post answered my question. This poor child has become part of a system that failed him. I pray he was not put through this just to be returned to the same or worst treatment.
  4. DuBois on the DIY Network

    I think this is the same house we looked at over 20 years ago and if I remember correctly they were asking $75000.00 for it then. It was a nice house but terrible location.
  5. 20 Things Only People From The South Say

    Years ago I called to talk to my brother and his wife told me he was "ill" and went for a walk. I questioned why he was walking if he was sick. She proceeded to tell me "ill" means angry. I said oh so he is mad and she quipped back that only dogs are mad. She is now an ex-wife, bless her heart!
  6. HGTV in Treasure Lake

    This area is beautiful however good paying jobs are what is needed to get people to move here and to keep people here.
  7. Fire At The Farmers Inn, Sigel?

    They were in the comment section but now they are gone.
  8. Redneck DooBwa Chickens

    I know it is like waiting for April the giraffe!
  9. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    I agree that seems high. We are not careful with our water usage and I do laundry (1.or 2 loads almost every day) I did notice a savings when we put in a dishwasher a couple years ago.
  10. New Sandy Township Sewage Surcharge

    Mine has a I&I surcharge added $24.70 for 2600 usage. This puts my monthly bill at $109 which includes a $12.00 maintenance fee, $33. water, $38 sewage. That is three people.
  11. I have a RAM 1500 according to this I could go at least 63 miles, that would mean i get 21 mpg. I don't think so! On our trip thus summer we only got 13 mpg. The most I get is around 15 depending on where I buy the gas. They told me I would love the fuel mileage on my new one but I got better with my 2012.
  12. I wonder if he will do "hard" time for this crime!?
  13. She seemed to be fine. She was just eating apples, the rest of the herd was just up the hill in the field.
  14. Watched this little one eating apples Saturday. Every one else was looking at them in the field and this one was standing down the road eating apples all by her self.
  15. Question about dog food....

    Vet had me switch my little guy to lamb and brown rice because of itching. Several brands out there. Itching went a way. .