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  1. Galliker's Dairy Lays Off 11 Farmers

    A good Holstein that's producing is worth money and its doubtful that they'll go to slaughter.Farmers are being paid roughly what they were for milk in the early 1980's while everything else has gone up in price.It's a crying shame,bordering on criminal.
  2. Galliker's Dairy Lays Off 11 Farmers

    Nobody in our society gets hosed more than dairy farmers.
  3. I firmly believe it's the decreased use of certain pesticides and or the suppression of forest fires for the past 60 years.
  4. Go to Tractor supply and buy a 5oz bottle of permethrin-10 for about $7.Mix 2.5-3 oz with one gallon of water in a yard sprayer.Shake it up,spray your cloths and let it dry.It will last through several washes and you'll never get a tick imbedded in you.This kills them,it doesn't repel them.I've watched ticks crawl up my leg and fall off dead in less than a minute.I spray it on our horses as well but never put it on a cat.I've been using this for about 10 years,spend an emormous amount of time in tick infested country and have never once had a tick attached since since using it.
  5. I'm surprised they did anything.There's a horse near me that looks almost as bad.The people keep it in a small enclosure that's about 20x20ft and feed it moldy round bales.I know that the HS has been there multiple times and nothing has been done.
  6. Arizona Beasts - Sasquatch?

    I won't call you crazy but if they were around,some real bonafide evidence would turn up.I wouldn't rule out the possibility of them being in some remote areas of the world but I don't buy for one second that there could be even a slim chance that any could be around here.
  7. Arizona Beasts - Sasquatch?

    Since there was snow,why didn't they just follow the tracks?

    Word is,three guys got him drunk,beat him up and put him in the hospital.Buzz discharged himself,caught a pneumonia and died a short time later.No charges were ever filed on the three guys who beat him up.
  9. Haunted tunnel.  

    I don't mean to ruin the fun or be a Debbie doubter but I've spent a bunch of time researching anyone dying there and have come up empty.Personally,my guess would be and I'm just speculating here,that nobody died in that tunnel and people's mind are playing games with them.

    I don't remember the whole story.I'll see a guy tomorrow that will know the answer.
  11. Haunted tunnel.  

    I would imagine Gettysburg would be a different situation than a tunnel that goes through a mountain.People are free to believe what they want and who knows,maybe they're correct.I just don't buy it.
  12. Haunted tunnel.  

    Not trying to be disrespectful but I'm not a believer.In any event,why would a tunnel be haunted?It's not like anyone lived in them.

    I believe three guys senselessly beat him almost to death with a tire iron and he died not long after that.I heard quite few stories of his feats of strength from first hand witnesses.From all accounts he was a nice guy that just kept to himself and never bothered anyone.
  14. Keep the eye in the back of your head open because she still does LE work during deer season.She checked a deer I shot two years ago and busted about 5 different people in Sabula that day.
  15. No,if someone dies,they usually get hauled out and buried.Dead people are skelatons are found from time to time though.I have however,found dead bear,deer and a variety of other animals.Is there any evidence that any primate burys their dead?There's plenty of speculation what they could do.Unfortunately,if there were 30k of them,irrefutable evidence would be present.