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  1. New Phone Scam using Penn Highlands Healthcare

    I not only get calls on the phone but I also receive on my computer "this is a important message from your health care provider, Penn Highlands". My Daughter passed away 1 1/2 years ago I continue to get e-mail using her ID on my computer. I just want peace to be able to remember her as she was a beautiful woman, a loving daughter. These messages bring back memories I am trying to let go of. I know the hospital has a port patients can access, but why am I getting her e-mail from a phone and computer that has been closed down for such a long time?
  2. Happy Birthday old3dogg!

    Happy birthday ?. ?
  3. When I was a young adult there was a free for all in a State owned land not far from here. No I wasn't there I was busy working raising 2 children. Local papers was covered with with news of drugs, naked people, free sex. Let's be honest the drug boom was brought into the open to this area, prior it was gang related in far away states. There was Hippies, communes, it was the Senior Citizens that now look frail, need care those and many more sewed their wild oats, I wonder if they shared their stories with their children or grandchildren? Yes medical personnel need to screen the amount of narcotics given to patients, this is being done when a pharmist pulls up your name, but people Doctor shop use false names.they can't be held responsible for ones that steal drugs from patients it was prescribed for. Don't blame medical personnel for ALL of the drug problems, parents need to keep closer watch on their kids. How many times are the parents high on street drugs small children left unattended, not long ago parents got high, left a tiny infant to die from dehydration, both parents were dead, baby died a horrible death. No we can't group this mess on one group, but must remember we are all responsible for our own actions, whether it be happiness, health, getting high, life or death.
  4. Doctors and nurses take a oath to sustain life, many times pain medication is given to help patients have quality of life, not just pain. Where did the blame for the medical personnel come from? Heroin, crack, LSD have been around for years, fentonyl has been added. Kids today can say Mommy and Daddy was cooking all day, meth labs in a kitchen that has children playing nearby. I can't imagine buying a powder, taking a pill not knowing what it really is. It not only the young also the older generation that is taking it, people are nuts, you go to a restaurant find a hair on your plate, you demand a apology, refuse to eat it, but you will take a powder mix it up or a yellow pill swallow it not knowing what it really contains,alone where it was made. If you are stupid enough and want to get that high they will find you stiff as a board, if narcan is given and you survive you will just do it again. If mental help isn't given and emergency personnel has to be called the second time to save you, their should be a limit to how many times emergency responders can aid you. Cost to the emergency system is overwhelming, most times not reimbursed, but that's OK, you got your high from someone selling it on a street corner. It is now time we all look at the drug epidemic and decide when enough is enough.
  5. Happy Birthday WMJ77!

    Happy birthday
  6. Prayers

    Prayers for your loss. Work is a different ball game. Do your best hold your head high. Smile say good morning, with cheer in your voice. It drives a person nuts when you act happy, they wonder what you are up to that is when they start questioning if you are after them, it makes then paranoid. don't talk about anything at work don't trust anyone that may be the snake in the grass. If they ask you about it say what are you talking about, if you get fired be nice to them that is your last place of employment you will need a reference. Good luck Just ask him and you will recoieve
  7. Pictures from the Great Depression

    Thank-you for posting those pictures, it shows how hard people worked in those days, they took pride in their work and enjoyed what we take for granted, parade pictures were great, yes everyone stood, no one sat while watching the parade. If anyone has a pic of Helvetia or Kramer Mines please post my Dad worked in both till they closed down. Thank-you for sharing our for-fathers with us.
  8. Canning Tomatoes

    I always got beautiful tomatoes at Ringold hydroponic never had a bad one. I am so use to just calling down and they have my order waiting for me. I only had to pay $5.00 box 40 pound and put up a lot of pizza sauce. Called down yesterday the secretary told me the factory sold out they had to have all their stuff packed and out there by middle of October. When I was down last time there was a unusual amount of out of state cars in parking lot, guess that explains why. I will really miss the tomato factory. Yes you can or freeze the tomato sauce when I freeze them I double bag in heavy freezer bags, I get my seasoning cheaper at Amish store in Troutville Raspberry Lane they have all types of seasonings and canning supplies. If you go down to 410 there is a Kurtz bulk food store in back of the house, they keep a good selection of different products plus the seasonings. Different Amish stores carry different products if tomato paste and sugar which I use in mine are on sale grab them the paste is in cans just check the expiration date even if you get it from a grocery store, sugar I keep in glass gallon jars, keeps bugs out of sugar. I am proud of the fact you are canning, saves money and you have food that you did you know what is in it. Just be careful if you make jelly you have to stay with it, if it boils over you could have a fire. I love apple butter usually put up at least 50 quarts, now is time to get apples for sauce or apple butter. Pull up Ball canning recipe on computer make a copy of the recipe you use, I like the refrigerated pickles easy to do just keep refrigerated they won't last long they are great I put them in glass gallon jars in frige in basement and only bring up what is going to be needed for the week. Good luck, I am still looking for string beans some farmers had to replant this year due to heavy rain we had so they may still have later crops of beans, if you see any please e-mail me. Good luck ,
  9. Rest In Peace Shmoopie11 <3

    Remember her as she was, a smile on her face and the love she had in her heart for you, you never loose her she will live on forever. Make sure her children are helped through their loss. Write down things she shared with you, make a album honoring a beautiful woman, Mother and friend. If you have a tape with her speaking make a copy of it for her children that way they can someday share her voice with their children. Old3doog Put something she wore that still has smell of her perfume on it, she will be in the truck with you. My prayers are for all of you, I think of my Mom I picture her going through the row of wings, she was beautiful in anything she wore, I know she would have picked lavender, I wonder what color Schmoopie picked out. She is with God resting in peace. for all of you Thank-you for sharing her with us.
  10. Rest In Peace Shmoopie11 <3

    Shmoopie11 Life, laughter and love you shared with all of us, like many I never met you, but in sharing yourself with all of us I feel I did know you. When I was depressed you PM me, Through that time you spent with me, it pulled me out of my depression showed me how beautiful life is. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You had the ability to reach out and touch another's heart. Shmoopie11, your work God placed you on earth has been completed. you closed your eyes and when you opened them you were cradled in the arms of God, and saw his loving face. Prayers go out to your children and family. Good night Shmoopie, someday we will meet you again.
  11. buellman

    My daughter has CDL license, drove tri-axle then school bus her personal vehicle is a 2001 Tahoe she down shift it when on ice or going down a steep hill, takes pull off the motor. I was driving my car (she is a back seat driver) made me learn down shifting and using outside mirrors to back up I pull a camper. sometimes the younger generation or a over the road truck driver can give you honest information they have from years of experience. I am a happy camper now she put her College education to use and has a state job, she is good on computers, loves her job. If he knows a over the road truck driver ask him to take truck for a spin he may only go a couple of miles and be able to tell you if there is anything wrong with the truck. Take it easy when driving injuries take time to heal, death is permanent.
  12. buellman

    I would e-mail the company lately I have seen several recalls on the GMC WE HAVE A OLD 1999 with 160 000 miles on it the 4 wheel drive had a switch ? on it that we had to replace, it kept the 4 wheel drive from shifting in, after we had it replaced it runs great, as long as it passes inspection it will be on the road, it comes in handy when you go yard sale. Is there a secret to getting my son to clean it out looks like he lives in it. Better still even though you bought it as is I was going to buy a ford explorer dealer said nothing wrong with it they said it has a current inspection sticker on it, a friend that good at buying used vehicles took it for a test drive only went 5 miles when all the dash controls went out, dealer said we have get it fixed for next inspection or it wouldn't pass, DID ANYONE EVER HEAR OF HONESTY WHEN BUYING A USED VEHICLE FOUND OUT THAT WHEN DASH CONTROL GOES OUT COULD CAUSE DRIVER TO WRECK VEHICLE. I GUESS THE ALLMIGHTY DOLLAR MEANS MORE THAN A LIFE.
  13. Cards

    Bon the cards are all beautiful I like the secret of staying young, another the butterflies and friends. Wish you taught a class you are great at making the cards. I can stand looking at cards in a store never find just the right one, yours are perfect you make them from your heart. Merry Christmas please keep making the cards they are fantastic. for sharing them with me.
  14. My morning at Shaggers

    Bon Thank-you for sharing your pics with us they are relaxing to look at and shows the true beauty of nature.
  15. Cards

    Bon You have a wonderful way of sharing yourself with others all your cards are beautiful the butterfly and dragonfly are my favorite I'm not that good with crafts I use to give Christmas presents in brown paper bags with a ribbon on the package I am serious I can't even wrap a square box I leave that for my daughter she does a beautiful job. Please keep making and posting them they are wonderful and enjoyable to see.