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  1. Holy Cow! I am glad he is safe!
  2. Chef Boyardee was the first pizza I ever ate! As a kid, we ate it just as it it came with only Parmesan cheese! Boy, do your changes make it sound SO much better!
  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!
  4. Thanks Trish! I didn't get a PM. I have been checking. Maybe that feature isn't working or it may be on my end, but thanks for trying.
  5. Do you like your air fryer? How long does something like your meal take to cook? I am thinking about buying one.
  6. The fines are given to the property owner even if it is a rental property.
  7. If that were true, I would feel differently, but there is a statutory sexual assault: person 4-8 years of age charge on there.
  8. Happy Birthday, Steve! You deserve a great day!
  9. Happy, happy Birthday! Hope it was great!
  10. Thank you both!
  11. Does anybody know if there is a way yet to access the classified ads without leaving the site and typing in godubois classifieds?
  12. Just a thought....a couple of years ago, we had such a cold winter that we lost about a quarter of out dogwood tree, part of our tree peony, and some of our perennials. It could be still suffering from that winter.
  13. I know the house you are referring to. It is close to the DuBois/Sandy boundary and could be in Sandy Township instead of the city. I know it doesn't matter and still needs cleaned up, but it does matter in code enforcement.
  14. Very Nice! Thanks for sharing with us!
  15. Okay, I finally got a chance to watch the whole video ( due to my insomnia). First of all, he does make some good points about the fact that there is no oversight on reporting safety issues with GMO foods and that the Deputy Director of the FDA worked for Monsanto. On the other hand, some of his facts were off. He states that fatty liver disease causes obesity. He has that backwards. Obesity can cause fatty liver disease. Glyphosate has been linked to fatty liver disease in rats, but there has not yet been a link to a rise in the same disease in humans. The example he uses of the salmon with the tomato is also incorrect and maybe used more for shock value. Although a four-year study was done with tomatoes, it was a failure and none were ever produced for the marketplace. And it was winter flounder, not salmon, that they used in the study. ( He didn't mention strawberries, but that is a myth. They have never used fish genes in strawberries!) My opinion hasn't changed. Monsanto is doing this for one reason ! They need more unbiased studies. On the other hand, my life depends on another genetically modified organism ( GMO). I am a diabetic and insulin is created by biotechnology and I am thankful it is possible. As for what is in it for the doctor, ..research money. And I agree. I want the foods labeled! I thought a bill was passed in 2016 but they have 2 years to enact it. It only requires a symbol that can be decoded with a smartphone or a toll free number to call, so not exactly labeling.