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  1. Some of the Canadian truck drivers I know will stop off in the US and get a weeks worth of milk on there last trip. There is some place in Michagin that they buy it for like a $1.50 a gallon.
  2. If there is this huge surplus why heck is milk so expensive?
  3. That's got to be a huge traffic mess down there. 228 isn't a very big road to begin with. Then adding the Trun Pike traffic to a busy rout 8, yikes.
  4. Yes because we don't have any where else to be. And that hole hours of service thing don't matter either.
  5. We do at times. When we know that it's going to shut down for an extended amount of time.
  6. That was done in the late 50's when Penndot changed all the roads in the area. 255 used to follow Woodward rd and Mt.Run road out of Penfield. Also in the same time frame on rt.153 going north of the light Penndot changed that road all around. They even moved the creek to it is today.
  7. It may have been repaved about 15 years ago, but it was done over top of the cement road. This time there going to break up all the old concrete and page over it. Kind of like what they did up by I 80 and Tresure Lake.
  8. They're going to take it right down to the old concrete road and break up the concrete. So it's going to be a long summer.
  9. I never understood why DRMC didn't make it into a trauma center. The area could use one.
  10. Ok now I see why there were on that road. I have a truck GPS that I pay almost 500 bucks for. What happens is that when you get off the route that you have programmed in, the GPS tyres to trun you around any way possible. My will try to take you down dirt roads side alleys any were that a truck shouldn't go. It's like it panics or something. What the driver needs to do is hit the detour button so it finds a new truck route or look at the map and direction list to see what's it's trying to do. I can tell you that it sucks to have to detour off of the high way onto a 2 lane road at night with no place to pull over to read a map.
  11. I was going south on 28 to I 80 and seen trucks coming out of cemetery rd onto 28. How on the heck did they get to that road. And it wasn't just one it was a hole lot of them.
  12. Can we just remove all the labels and let natural selection weed these people out.
  13. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/truck-plows-analtech-odor-leads-hazmat-situation-article-1.3189762 I wonder if the reporter even tried to come up with something different.
  14. Check out north star in Penfield. Their prices used to be a bit cheaper than other people.
  15. I've have never been up close to see it in operation. So I have wondered about that. But I do know that it has to have one heck of a pump on it to be able to and just that many rocks and dirt in to be able to push him down the pipeline and live.