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  1. I say a whole mess of them too. I'm from the southern part of the county. Does that count?
  2. I have several diesel vehicles from old school mechanical diesel engines to modern electronic controlled diesels and have driven them all over the eastern half of the country. I have not had a problem with anyone's fuel.
  3. Not saying this is the cause in this case, but a major electrical short to ground - I remember a few years back where some Ford vehicles would catch fire sitting still. I think it was a faulty ignition switch on those.
  4. This stinks. Glad no one was hurt and animals are ok. Hopefully everything works out. Was just there on Mothers Day.
  5. Yesterday while traveling I80 between Brookville and Knox exit I saw 8 State Police cars. 4 were at various places along the road and 4 had vehicles pulled over.
  6. What a dirtbag. Public hanging.
  7. My point is eating at Taco Bell and not having access to a bathroom is a bad choice. Having a hand in killing someone should get you more than 9.5 years in prison. Now that he is on the run what will he do to avoid going back to jail. BTW I believe the argument was over someone thinking they got cheated at a pool game. Pretty stupid.
  8. His bad choice was participating in a beating death- murder and dumping Richard Gemmill's body. His payment to society was 9.5 years in prison. Isn't it great how our Justice system works ?
  9. And I feel more importantly saying the police should let him go because he was the little league president and a prison guard.
  10. You know you are a redneck when you look at something like this and think "Hey that's not a bad idea" I know I kinda did. LOL.
  11. Prayers to you and your family.
  12. Please PM me as well. Also what model truck. Thank you.
  13. I don't smoke but carry a zippo when I'm working on stuff. Use to light torches if my striker isn't cooperating.